Molly Weiss

Molly Weiss

Principal / Director of Booking - Portland

"She's for real," explained the ad agency creative director. In 1989 Portland, Oregon based athletic shoe maker Avia was looking for someone "authentic" for their national print ad campaign - real people who were serious about working out. They found Molly Weiss, a 27 year old broadcast producer for Payless Drug Stores. On top of a 50-hour a week production job, Weiss worked out 1 1⁄2 hours a day six days a week. The 5-foot-5 fireball excelled at cycling, skiing, windsurfing, tennis and running to name a few. The Avia print campaign chronicled Weiss's frenetic workout schedule during a typical week. The ads appeared in People Magazine, Rolling Stone, Shape, Self and Sports Illustrated.

Weiss started out in gymnastics at the age of 9. At Beaverton's Sunset High school, she was a gymnast, a cheerleader and ran track. She went on to the University of Oregon where she excelled at dance. She later performed as part of a traveling Dance/Fitness group that performed at NBA games among other venues. Her major at Oregon was Telecommunications - and mass media, which led to her career in broadcast production.

"You could say she's a little motivated", said her husband Dave Weiss. Molly's experience as a broadcast producer included, among other things, hiring models and talent, managing the film and production crews and working with photographers.

"Cross training doesn't have to involve such an inordinate amount of effort unless one wants to have an inordinate amount of fun.

With those skills and her network of photographers, film and video talent along with Dave's own experience in fitness and lifestyle modeling, they had an ideal team to launch Sports Unlimited in 1991 - the first talent agency specializing in providing authentic, skilled sports talent for the entertainment, advertising and marketing industries.

"In the beginning, we had a great vision but modest resources. Internet technology had yet to impact our industry - no website, no email, no Google - and we were producing our invoices on a typewriter. We originally started with 10 talent and now, almost twenty years later, we're proud to represent almost 1,500 sports talent and lifestyle models across the nation," said Weiss.

Weiss' Role as Director of Booking puts her on the front lines with the clients and the talent. "I am the people person - client liaison - problem solver. Aside from working with her husband in the fast paced agency environment, Weiss still works out every day and balances a busy family life with 3 teenage children actively involved in school and sports. "At this point in our life, it's a hundred miles an hour all the time!" said Weiss.