24 Hours with Chris Reid!

6:30 AM – Goooood morning! My cat politely tells me to wake up by walking over my face a few times. I open all the blinds and get a huge pot of coffee brewing.

6:45 AM – Best way to start the day: Frothed up coffee with coconut oil, cinnamon, and turmeric. Watching last night’s Daily Show on Hulu.

7:30 AM – Time to check emails and catch up on news. Digg.com is my favorite, Reddit is for those days I feel like procrastinating.

9:00 AM – Breakfast! Poached eggs and avocado are mandatory.

9:20 AM – Before I head out I check on my Kombucha batches. After doing a little tasting I decide that one of the batches is ready. I get the funnel out and start bottling. Some bottles I leave plain, others I flavor with lemon and ginger. When I have more time I’ll get creative with the flavoring. Maybe some jalapeno and lime? Basil? Lavender? Ok enough geeking out.


10:00 AM – Off to the gym. I’ve got a little window of time before an audition so I do a quick nonstop circuit: deadlifts, pullups, handstand pushups, hollow body holds. Over and over until the sweat is pouring out.

10:35 AM – I head home and get ready for my audition. As I change I go over my sides…the script…not my body 😉 I receive an email from SLU asking if I can make it to a parkour callback at noon. I say “sure!”, pack some athletic clothes, go over my scene one more time, take a swig of kombucha and head out.

10:50 AM – I get to the casting office, sign in and go over the scene a couple more times in my head. The wait isn’t too long. They call my name, I go in and perform the scene. They ask for me to do it again with a couple of changes. And I do. “Thanks!”…off I go!

11:15 AM – I’m changing in my car. Hope no one walks by….

11:45 AM – At the parkour callback with time to spare. Booyah.

12:00 PM – They ask me to describe my flipping experience. I tell them about my background in gymnastics. They ask to see some flips. So I show them a couple back handsprings and back flips.  “Thanks!” And off I go again.

12:30 PM – Back home and it’s time for lunch. Leftovers from last night’s dinner: Ground beef and sauteed veggies, and more avocado. So. Good.

1:00 PM – I check the surf report and it looks like Malibu will be perfect at 4pm. That gives me a couple hours to get some writing done; currently working on a half hour sitcom. I open up the laptop, put on some Sigur Ros, and plug away.

3:00 PM – I load my board and wetsuit into the car. Snacks too: Epic Bars and more Kombucha. (Heaven). I get an audition notice from SLU for tomorrow. “I’ll be there.”

3:45 PM – I pull up to Topanga Beach. Gorgeous and not too crowded. Perfect! I throw on my wetsuit, grab the board and go.

DCIM103GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

6:00 PM – I’m back in my car, nice and exhausted. Traffic will be a bit annoying on the way home. My cure for this: The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. That or Mysterious Universe.

6:50 PM – I park in my neighborhood but don’t immediately go into my apartment. I walk around the corner to Trader Joe’s to grab dinner. Making a Thai curry chicken saute tonight. Yes with avocado.

7:15 PM – Showering off that salt.

7:30 PM – Cooking!

8:00 PM – Eating while watching Last Man on Earth. That’s heaven too.

8:30 PM – I’m notified about an audition for an ABC Family show in two days. So I spend some time getting acquainted with those sides.

9:30 PM – All ready for bed. Winding down by reading: typically some sci-fi or fantasy. Geeking out helps me sleep;)

10:15 PM – Lights out, and good night!

6:15 AM – My cat’s walking over my face.