24 Hours with Danielle Pascente!

24 Hours with Danielle Pascente!

It’s tough to summarize 24 hours by saying this is how everyday goes because truthfully, everyday is different in the life of a trainer and sports model.  Some days – every client cancels and there are no auditions or shoots I have to be at and I’m just sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs (after training myself of course), waiting for it to be the next day so I have something to do!  In this industry, things are always moving quickly but I actually thoroughly enjoy the times I get to do absolutely nothing.  This is my “me” time.  Time to regain energy.  Time to reconnect with loved ones.  Time to catch a breath.  Time to write a blog or create social media posts – things that are typically tough to do on back to back days.  But enough about my slow days!  I’ll do my best to describe a typical busy day for me and how I try to prioritize things in order to stay on track physically and mentally.


6:50 – No prep time is necessary to train clients.  The glory of the training business is that it is 100% acceptable to wear no make-up, a messy bun, and fitness apparel ALL DAY long.  My alarm goes off – I’m more tired than normal because I had a full shoot day yesterday for Patagonia and had to workout afterwards which kept me up a bit later than normal.  It’s OK though, nothing I can’t handle.

6:55 – Head to the kitchen to prep my coffee for when I get home.  I have a large glass of cold lemon water and take my vitamins.  I’m never hungry this early so I typically won’t eat until I get done training clients.

7:00 – Wash my face, toss my hair up, throw on some layers and I’m off.

7:15 – I arrive at my first clients house.  I train my “power couple” Jen & David Neal for an hour.  Talk about having busy days!  David Neal is the Vice President, Production and Executive Producer of FIFA WORLD CUP for FOX Sports.  His wife Jen Neal is the EVP of marketing for E! and Esquire Network.  They typically train four days a week and I’m sure they would say “she’s not easy on us.”  It amazes me how fit and motivated they are despite having the most insane schedules and travel schedules.  This is the perfect start to my day because it reminds me that A.) I’m not as busy as I think and B.) If they can do it, I can do it!  Little do they know – they are motivating me.  I’m just supplying them with a kickass workout.

8:15 – I head back home for breakfast.

8:30 – I hit the start button on the coffee (legitimately my favorite part of each day).  I make protein oatmeal to have with my coffee.  I’m a huge multi-tasker so I turn on CNN, make breakfast, and sit down at my desk to work.

8:30 – 9:00 – I post my “workout of the day” on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.  If I’m in a rush like I was today, I will typically edit the video the night before and all I have to do is hit post it in the morning with little to no thought.

9:00 – I get an e-mail from Michael about setting up a Skype call for a personal trainer casting.  I actually really love Skype calls because I don’t have to leave the house….so thumbs up to that.  I finish breakfast and start getting ready.  It’s nice to look presentable on a Skype casting because they will likely use that footage again.  I don’t go overboard though because at the end of the day – they want to see you in your element.  If I trained my clients with dolled up hair and make-up, it wouldn’t be natural for me – so I toss my hair up and keep a fresh face.

10:00 – I go over some notes just to make sure I’m covering all bases and log onto my Skype account – check lighting and sound.  There’s nothing more annoying than a casting director not being able to see or hear you.  I try not to think too much about the interview.  I have found that my best and most booked jobs have come from me just being myself, showing my personality, and not over thinking it.  If what I have to say isn’t what they want to hear, then I’m fairly confident it’s not the right job for me.

10:30 – I get a call from the casting director right on time (another thumbs up for that).  We chat for 40 minutes and it went really well!  I never get excited after these types of things, but I do make sure that I said everything I wanted to because I hate having regrets.  Over the course of the 40 minutes I am asked questions about my training style, my athletic background, and what makes me a good fit for the job.  I can talk forever about training – so I try to keep it concise but drive all my points home.  Apparently they aren’t actually booking this until the end of January so I’ve got a long waiting period.  It’s completely out of sight, out of mind at this point.  This is what personally works for me.  I just keep myself busy and I’ll check back in with Michael when the end of January gets closer.

11:10 – I head out to train myself and pack a bag for the rest of the day.  I have my lunch with me and a gallon of water.  I always bring my gallon of water with me to make sure I stay hydrated and fueled throughout the day.

11:30 – 1:00 – I arrive at the gym and get in a solid workout before I have to be in West Hollywood for my shoot.

1:00-1:30 – Not a typical traffic hour so it should be an easy commute!  But I’m telling you – my least favorite part about the industry is driving in LA traffic.  Sometimes it takes 20 minutes and others it takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to get 8 miles (NO JOKE).

1:30 – I’m on time!  Today I’m shooting for Carbon38 – one of my favorite brands that I am an ambassador for.  I love shooting for them because the hair and make-up is always a bit edgy and the workout apparel is TO DIE FOR.  If you have a second to shop (sorry guys – women’s apparel only), go to www.carbon38.com .  My entire trainer wardrobe is comprised of all Carbon stuff!  If you haven’t purchased before feel free to use my code daniellep50 at checkout.  It will give you $50 off your first order!

2:30 – 6:30 – I put on my first outfit and we just cruise along for the next few hours.  The music is going and always sets the pace for the shoot – playlist is key!  I probably on average have about 7-15 outfit changes when I shoot with carbon.  Sometimes we are doing an editorial and others are just e-commerce for their website.  I prefer editorial because I get to move around (i.e. running, jumping, working out in frame).  I take a peek at the computer monitor as the images come through.  Especially if the reaction is “OH MY GOSH YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS.”  I’ll run over behind the monitor to see.  I think it always helps to see the kind of work I’m producing so I see what works and what looks totally ridiculous.  We continue this cycle for the following hours and then wrap it up.

Carbon 38 1




6:30 – I give hugs goodbye and always say thank you.  Yes I’m writing this in here because I do think it’s important.  I’m grateful to work with awesome teams and crews – so I would be caught dead just leaving set without at least saying bye and thanks!

6:45 – I check some e-mails in my car before heading home and check my call time for tomorrow’s shoot.  Not too terrible!  My body will wake up early anyways – so maybe I can squeeze in a workout.

7:15 – I arrive home and take a shower.  I’m not feeling like making dinner tonight so I order a power smoothie and a mixed greens salad with chicken from my favorite place on “door dash” (the most handy app in the world).  There are PLENTY of healthy options on that app so I never feel like I can’t stay on track just because I’m ordering food.

7:40 – I pack my bag for tomorrow and set everything out.

7:45 – 8:30 – My dinner arrives and I get it all set up at my desk.  I typically will answer all of my e-mails from the day and text clients while I’m eating dinner.  I make my schedule for the next day, but in this case – I’m texting my clients to say, “I’m on another shoot tomorrow – lets reschedule to ____ .”  Thank goodness they are all very understanding of my 2 careers and work with my schedule as needed.  I’ll then figure out which workout video I’m posting to Instagram and create the captions.  I take a second to read comments from today’s post.  Was it a good workout?  Did people like it? How engaged was my audience?  I get a comment “thank you so much for motivating me today.”  I get another “My day was so packed and I didn’t feel like working out but you motivated me to do a couple rounds of this tonight…..better than nothing. Thanks Danielle.”  Here’s another “Will you post some workouts we can do at the office?”  ABSOLUTELY and noted.  I will have to carve out some time this weekend to make a few office workout videos I can post next week.  I like to connect with my audience on social media because it’s a great platform for trainers to reach the masses.

Feel free to follow along if you are into health and fitness.  My username is @DaniellePascente

8:30 – 9:00 Finish dinner and get ready for bed.  I’m a BIG advocate of getting sufficient sleep so I make sure I’m in bed between 9-11 at the latest every night.

9:00-9:30 – I foam roll and stretch before bed.  I actually do this every night and I force myself.  When I train as hard as I do – there has to be some form of wind down at the end of the day.  Recovery is essential for performance so foam rolling is not an option.  I give my husband Matt a big fat kiss goodnight and we run through each of our schedules for the next day – just dreaming about our next movie/date night so we actually have a second to catch up.

9:45 – Lights out and goodnight.  I’m looking forward to working with some other SLU talent on tomorrow’s Dicks Sporting Goods shoot.  I’ll be dreaming of shoes that are my size (yes that rarely happens on shoots).  I’m sure a couple of you can relate. Night night!