24 Hours with Elsa C.


Being a full-time model the “normal day to day routine” is almost nonexistent. Between in studio or on location jobs to castings and days off, no two days are usually the same. What follows is a typical workday for me.

 5:00AM: I like being an early riser, gives me a jump start on the day. I also hate feeling rushed and getting up early gives my body time to awaken before jetting off to a job. The first thing I do when I wake up is to drink 20 ounces of water that I have set out the night before. It’s a great jump start for my digestion and you lose a lot of water during sleep just from respiration. Replenishing that right away helps my body wake up. I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth then make myself some whole wheat toast and almond butter, refill my water glass with another 20 ounces and drink that with my vitamins after I’ve eaten. I make scrambled eggs (two egg whites and one yolk) and broil half of a grapefruit. Sounds weird but it’s delicious! Sprinkled with a little bit of brown sugar and under the broiler on high for about 5 minutes – perfection. I then put both the scrambled eggs and grapefruit in containers to have after my workout. Put on my workout clothes that I have laid out the night before, grab my gym bag and my bag for work and head out the door.

6:15AM: It has to be a quick workout this morning and when I’m on a time crunch I love doing high intensity treadmill intervals, gets my heart rate up and I’m working hard! I do a 45 minute interval set and then transition to a 15 minute abdominal circuit before I hit the shower. I shampoo and condition my hair using Kevin Murphy hair products. My hair gets tangled easily so the right shampoo and conditioner is a must. I’m super particular about my face products as well. I use a SkinCeuticals facial cleanser that I alternate with a Kiehls Ultra facial cleanser every so often. After I shower I moisturize and use SkinCeuticals toner on my face before using a Kiehls moisturizer and Boots Hydrating eye cream. I blow dry my hair and dress in a clean set of workout clothes and sneakers to head to work.

 8:00AM: I eat my breakfast in the car on the way to the studio and finish my third bottle of water. I stop at a coffee shop a block down from the studio to grab an Americano with steamed almond milk – yum, and so needed on a long day!

8:30AM: Before I get sent into hair and makeup the photographer has me get on set to do some test shots and figure out the lighting and my mark for the day. Afterwards I’m sent to hair and makeup while my first look of the day gets steamed to get out any last remaining wrinkles. This particular job was for a Nike Tennis Lookbook for Wimbledon and the French Open, we had 8 different looks from practice, to competition to press. Throughout the shoot, hair and make up will step in to do a hair change or make up touch up and make sure the clothes are all fitting right. As the model a lot of the energy on set comes from us, everyone’s looking to you to set the tone. When there’s good energy on a set you can tell, with the music going and everyone collaborating the whole room brightens! I love it!

11:45AM: That’s a wrap! There was lunch on set, but I had to head out to my second job of the day at Adidas and I had packed my lunch the night before so I could eat it on the way. Lunch includes spinach salad with granny smith apple, celery, sliced jalapeno and a lemon and olive oil dressing, rice crackers and a quest bar. I get to Adidas and head inside.

12:20PM: Today I’m doing a sales meeting and fit session. While someone is giving a presentation of a new line of clothes they are introducing, I’m trying them on, giving them a visual of what the clothes look like on body. Afterwards, they have a few particular items that are not yet “fit approved”. With these they are asking more specific questions directly to me about the fit, how it feels etc. To make any last design changes before it goes to production.

2:30PM: I go to the grocery store on my way home to get a few things I need for dinner and the next few meals. I absolutely love grocery shopping – I always have, and I’m pretty particular about my food, I would rather have super fresh fruits and veggies even if that means I’m going to the store every couple days.

3:30PM: Once I’m back home I start grilling my chicken and making quinoa for my dinner later. I’ve learned over the last couple years, especially since being in this industry, that so much of clean eating comes from planning and meal prep. If there’s healthy food already made for myself it becomes way easier to reach for that when I’m starving, versus a snack that I’ll regret eating later.

4:30PM: I have a bit of downtime so I make myself a green smoothie made with two handfuls of spinach, banana, half of an avocado, ¼ cup pineapple, 4 oz almond milk, flax oil & chia seeds, with a date cut up on top. I drink my smoothie, catch up on some emails and read. I love reading and bring a book with me everywhere. Having downtime during the day is essential for me, gives me time to recharge and turn my brain off for a bit. After resting for a while I change into my yoga clothes and head out the door to my yoga studio.

6:00PM: Since I had done only cardio and quick abs earlier I wanted to get in some strength, but my energy was limited so hot yoga was the perfect option. I find it to be the perfect workout after a long day, I come out so relaxed and cleansed like I just wrung out my whole body. After the workout I change out of my sweaty clothes and wash my face before I even leave the studio. I’m a firm believer in face washing. Especially with all the exercise I do and make up that gets put on my face, I carry facial wipes and moisturizer with me everywhere.

7:30PM: Once I’m at home I make my dinner of grilled chicken, quinoa, spinach and asparagus in a salad form with a balsamic and olive oil dressing. After eating dinner I shower and get ready for bed, brushing my teeth, flossing and mouthwash. I also use Kiehls Midnight Recovery Serum on my face. I try to put away all electronics – phone, ipad, laptop – an hour before bed so I have time to actually wind down. Electronic screens emit blue light that interrupts the process of getting sleepy by interfering with melatonin production. I need my sleep, so away they go! I pack my bag for work the next day, crawl into bed and read a couple chapters.

10:00PM: Lights out, to rest up for a 7:15 call time in the morning!