24 Hours with Jocelyn Case

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My alarm goes off, which I’m definitely not ready for, but then again I never am. So I get up right away and hop in the shower to wake myself up. Today is an especially long day because I teach until 8pm, and don’t have many breaks in the day. Normally I teach till 7:30pm; a half hour difference seems a little silly, but for me it’s a big difference in my day.

Once I’m finished getting ready for the day, I make myself a cup of green tea, a bowl of my favorite cereal, Organic Honey Nut Toasted Oats, with fresh slices of banana, and an orange. I put food out for my dog Benny at the same time. He’s a very strange dog, in that he’s much of a social eater and will only eat when I’m eating. When we’re done having breakfast we head outside for our morning walk.


I take Benny on a nice short walk around my neighborhood. He doesn’t like to go on very long walks, which is pretty nice especially on days I’m running late. I gather my stuff for the day including a sports bra, a regular bra to fit in, running shoes in case I need to run on a treadmill during the fit session, snacks and my dancing books. I’m currently studying to become a dancing judge so any break I get between fit sessions I’m usually eating and studying.

I leave my house to drop Benny off at my parents house. During the work week, Benny hangs at my parents with our other dog Scout. My mom watches the dogs and takes them on walks during the day, which is awesome for my fit schedule. I head straight to my fit client. The traffic is always an issue and every day is different so I always make sure I have plenty of time. During my drive I enjoy listening to NPR.



I arrive at the client’s campus. The nice thing about arriving this early is the parking! I am able to get a spot close to campus which is always a plus for the day. I start walking to my first fit session, on the way I stop by the cafeteria and grab a tea. I really enjoy the TAZO Zen Green Tea.

My contact person arrives at reception and we head down to the fit session. Today’s fit session consists of lifestyle sportswear garments. We fit for about 55 minutes. As I leave the building to head to my next fit session, I say goodbye to the ladies at the front desk and drop my badge off.


My next fit session is about a 5 minute walk, so while I’m walking I’m checking my work email as well as my Scottish Highland dance school’s email. I received a couple emails about potential fit sessions so I check my calendar to see if I’m available or not. I immediately respond because I want to make sure I secure the job or make any adjustments to my calendar. I know if I don’t do it right away, I will completely space and forget!


The team arrives and we start the fit session. Today we’re fitting sports performance outfits. Throughout the fit session I changed into about 7 different outfits and made a couple of comments regarding the fit. Part of my job is to make sure I’m communicating about the garment, so I always make sure to comment how the overall fit feels.

Although I’m booked till 11:00am today they finish a bit early. We are done around 10:45am, which gives me a little time to have a snack and grab a Tea before my next fit session. During my break, I’m checking emails and trying to stay on top of my calendar making sure it’s up to date. This is a constant activity during my week days as times of fit sessions are being changed, canceled, rescheduled, etc. As my break is coming to an end, I’m walking towards my next fit session.


I arrive for my next fit session. Similar to my fit session right before, this one ends early as well, which allow me to take a longer lunch break. I change back into my regular clothes and head to lunch.


For my lunch I have a chef’s salad, a bag of sea salt and vinegar kettle chips and a smart water. During lunch, I continue to check both work and dance studio emails while adjusting my calendar as more changes are being made to my calendar. I’m also having to remind dance families that although it’s spring break, dance lessons are still on. I don’t normally take breaks unless its Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.


I start walking to my fit session, which is with a group from earlier in the day. We continue fitting where we left off. We finished right at 2pm and since I had a fit session that started at 2pm in a different building, I changed quickly and ran to my next fit session.


I arrived at my next fit session about five minutes late, which they knew about so thankfully it was okay. I changed quickly into the first outfit and waited for the team to let me know what they wanted me to do. We fit about 8 different sport performance garments, which I did some sports movements in. This helps get a feel for the garment and also checks for sheerness.


I’m now finished with all of my fit sessions for the day and it’s time to head to my parents house in NE Portland. As I walk to my car I’m checking emails and responding back to the agency about any new fit sessions and or changes to the calendar.

I leave campus and head to NE Portland. I stop at Cha Cha Cha for an early dinner and order a Veggie Burrito with extra sour cream. I know I am going to need to eat early because my evening is going to be spent in the dance studio.


I open the dance studio (it’s called Case School of Highland Dance, LLC). The studio is in my parents basement, which my mom started back in the 80’s. I have been running the studio for about 10 years now. It’s a wonderful space and rent free!

My first student arrives. Her name is Stella, she’s 7 years old. She takes a private lesson once a week and is such a hard worker. She’s been dancing for about a year and a half and loves to tell me stories about how she practices and wants to win the trophy. It’s a treat to teach her because she works very hard.


My next group arrives. It’s an adult class which is very new for me. This class is so much fun to teach because the students just like to dance, talk, have fun and aren’t worried about competition. After a long day, this is definitely a class I enjoy finishing with. We finish lessons with a nice cool down and stretch out.

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Once everyone leaves I am able to squeeze in a quick workout. I am pretty tired so I do a low impact workout. I start my workout with foam rolling. This is something I do every day! Then I do a few upper body workouts for my arms and shoulders. I always make sure to do some ab workouts and finish with stretching.

I am finally finished with my day. I close up the studio and walk upstairs to the kitchen. My mom has left out some dinner so I sit down to eat a few veggies, and a small piece of salmon. After dinner I gather my things and head home with Benny.


I crawl into bed with Benny cuddled up next to me, text my boyfriend good night, and shut eye. Ready to start all over again the next day!