24 Hours With Kenan E!

7:00 am

“I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this. Gotta be something for me to write this”

I wake up to my favorite song, The Light by Common produced by J Dilla as my alarm. Major key to success is an awesome music playlist, which I will show throughout my daily routine. I’m the type of guy who loves music playing constantly, it helps me find peace of mind and set the tone to attack the day. It’s always a great start to my day when I get to wake up early, have my cup of coffee and meditate. It’s Friday, which means it’s my day off! Today, I get to focus on me and that doesn’t consist of your typical fitness model errands and daily 2 hour gym sessions. I will not be sticking to my low carb diet while eating my weekly meal prepped raw asparagus and dehydrated chicken breast served with mashed sweet potatoes… No, I think I will have a breakfast burrito instead. I deserve it.


“I wake up, all veggies no eggs I hit the gym, all chest no legs. Yep, then I made myself a smoothie. Yeah, then me and wifey make a movie”

30 hours by Kanye West. I lied… The gym is my life! I spend at least 2 hours a day working out to be honest. How else can I eat breakfast burritos and In N Out regularly if I’m not putting in work? I spend the first hour hitting any form of cardio either running, basketball, jump rope or Bboying aka (breakdance) for the first hour. I used to feel really self-conscious about dancing at the gym until I saw how ridiculous some of the workouts people would do… Makes me feel OK about attempting to spin on my head and fall on my face when a majority of the people use the gym equipment incorrectly. Then the last hour is of course weights!

Screenshot (286) copy

10:10 am

“No more parties in L.A, please, baby, no more parties in L.A., uh. ”

No more Parties in LA by Kanye West. I get an email for a last minute callback Target Baby Commercial Casting from Michael, one of the awesome bookers up at the office. Only problem is my time slot is at 1:00 pm and I live in San Diego and the audition is in LA! I swiftly pull up Maps and my ETA is about 2 hours and 27 minutes. Challenge accepted! That’s just a day in the life until I make the big move to LA, which I plan on doing soon! I have no one to blame but myself, but who doesn’t like living rent-free with your parents right? Yeah, I know I need to move but first a Cali burrito for the road!

1:20 pm

“Hey, hey, hey, what ya got to say? Hey, hey, hey What ya got to say? Hollywood Hollywood swinging!”

Hollywood Swinging by Kool G & The Gang. I walked out of that audition feeling like I already booked it! Well that’s just always been my optimistic attitude but now I gotta make it to my 1 hour AG Jeans fitting. Yes, I work as a live mannequin and yes it is a very difficult job if you didn’t know. Getting paid to try on clothes and fitting them to my body gets really stressful. I love my job!

3:00 pm

“Making my way downtown, walking fast faces pass and I’m home bound”

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. I would say if you can drive through LA rush hour traffic, you can drive anywhere in America. With years of pizza delivery driving experience in high school and commuting from San Diego to Los Angeles on a weekly basis my brain works like The Waze app. I can talk traffic and give directions all day like any LA native. Luckily, I cut my commute time shorter since I have a Fast Track pass for the toll roads. Probably the best financial decision I’ve made in awhile.

4:21 pm

“Could you be love and be loved?”

Could you be Love by Bob Marley and the Wailers. I make it back in time for Happy hour over at Salud Taco Shop located in Barrio Logan, San Diego. Native San Diegoan’s have a deep passion for Mexican cuisine. It’s a part of the reason why people in San Diego never want to leave. So in a sense you can’t blame me for loving my city and living at home if my soul is being fed. I have commitment issues on starting my Vegan Lifestyle so luckily they have veggie tacos as an alternative. I wash it down with a Jarritos Tamarind Mexican Soda and the best chips and guacamole the city has to offer. My girl, Maria can stir up some amazing salsa and has a family guacamole recipe passed down from her ancient Aztec roots. Yes, San Diego takes its Mexican Cuisine very seriously.

Screenshot (287) copy

5:00 pm

“So, flow with the flow, cuz you know I’m good to go as I proceed to get wreck on your stereo… Not an imitator, just a crowd motivator but, it’s time to get wreck with the creator”

The Creator by Pete Rock. I spend a lot of my time working on my side projects and creative business ventures when I’m not pursuing my modeling career. I’m a co creative director of an open art space In Barrio Logan in partnership with other local entrepreneurs called The Church. It’s a non profit youth mentorship community center that caters to building any artist into an entrepreneur to help grow their craft into their career. We create video content and host events to bring revenue to the local businesses and our facility. This is what I mostly focus on when I’m not test shooting with photographers or attending castings and auditions.

7:00 pm

“Doing it in the park Doing it after dark, oh, yeah Rock Creek Park oh yeah Rock Creek Park.”

Rock Creek Park by Donald Byrd and The Blackbyrds. As I’m leaving the Barrio and drive through San Diego’s Iconic Chicano Park, under the Gazebo, I see the local Bboys having a dance cipher session. I immediately pull over and bust a few sets for a spontaneous dance battle! For someone that considers them selves “Down by Law”, I always make time to meet other Bboys and Bgirls and to help each other grow and preserve our craft. Since I always have music playing, I’m always in the mood to dance! I have a lot of fun being a Hip Hop connoisseur.

Screenshot (288) copy

8:00 pm

“He said we got all day, so we gonna do it right. Hit your man’s joint first, then jam rock at one night. Then I said “aight,” then I hopped inside the jetty, Let me take a shower, I’m sweaty, and then I’ll be ready, Tonight is the night I get my groove on steady”

The Jam by A Tribe Called Quest. I head back to Headquarters aka my friend Gino’s house to meet up with the other members of our crew to talk about dropping out our next creative project for our clothing company, Uncommon Value. We have a pretty casual approach to how we create our merchandise, art, and visual aesthetic for our brand. It’s a pretty organic creative process since we have all been best friends since middle school. We just hang out and ideas are magically created and executed! The best way I can describe Uncommon Values’ style is kinda like a street wear version of Patagonia and Polo Ralph Lauren. I love working with my friends but sometimes we get distracted easily. That’s when I got the call…


“Thank God it’s Friday night and I just-just-just-just-juuuuuuust got paid”

Just Got Paid by N ‘SYNC. As my direct deposits notification goes off I get a call from my main man JR telling me about what’s going down tonight. It’s 90’s night at EL Dorado Cocktail lounge…and you’re DJing?! Good thing, I saved my best dance moves for tonight cuz it’s about to go down! So much for our creative meeting… When I roll through with my crew we always bring the House Party vibes!

12:30 am

“100 days, 100 nights to know a mans heart.”

100 days 100 nights by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. The night is still young but I’m ready to call it in. I’ve danced the night away and my legs feel like noodles from the nonstop twerking action I busted on the dance floor. There is only one way to soothe my weary soul and you guessed right! We end the night with some more Mexican food! You know what they say, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This time, I switched it up and got some Carne Asada fries to pack on the extra calories I burned from bustin’ a move all night! Don’t forget the extra Guac please!

2:00 am

“Half way home and my pager still blowin up. Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.I got to say it was a good day”

It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube. I safely make it home after my crazy productive day. As I get ready for bed, I reflect on what the day brought me. It was filled with great opportunity, good food and friends. I check my email and I got an email notification from Geraldine that I directly booked Nike Men’s training for next week. I guess that’s just the life of a fitness model.  You can’t knock the hustle! Today was a good day…




  1. The Light by Common
  2. 30 Hours by Kanye West
  3. No More Parties in LA by Kanye West
  4. Hollywood Swininging by Kool G & The Gang
  5. A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
  6. Could you be Love by Bob Marley
  7. The Creator by Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  8. Rock Creek Park by Donald Byrd & The BlackByrds
  9. The Jam by A Tribe Called Quest
  10. Just Got Paid by N’Sync
  11. 100 Days 100 Night by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
  12. It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube