24 hours with Natasha W



Alarm clock – My Iphone is set to the ‘Twinkle’ tone… I hate waking up to jarring sounds that startle me out of my sleep. The rush of adrenaline it causes makes me feel so frazzled and I hate starting my mornings that way. Plus, I’m pretty much the lightest sleeper known to man so it doesn’t take much to wake me up…Thus, why I prefer the peaceful and soft good morning of  ‘twinkle’.

Upon gaining consciousness, I say thank you (mentally) 5 times. I heard a story once about an impoverished man who said that every morning when he wakes up he has at least 5 things to be thankful for… (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch) his 5 senses. I think I’ve been doing it for a little over a year now.

I reach over the sleeping 6lb ball curled up under the covers next to my stomach (Riley – my toy fox terrier) silence the alarm, and proceed to refresh my email. I like to make sure nothing urgent has come in from any of my agents regarding todays agenda.  If all is well I give myself 10-15 minutes to browse social media and skim through any interesting news headlines. The light from my phone coupled with a feed full of baby elephants, models, and political drama help wake me up enough to actually get out of bed.


I slide out of the covers so as not to disturb Riley, grab my robe and some fluffy socks (I have a ton because my mom puts them in my stocking every year), and head straight to the coffee pot. Peets’ coffee is the only brand you will ever see me brew at home. It has its origin in the Bay Area (to which I am native, brand loyalty), and is much richer and bolder than that other brand whom shall not be named.

While the coffee brews I pour a splash of ‘Natural Bliss’ vanilla coffee creamer into my mug. In the 2 minutes is has taken me to press start on the coffee maker and pour the cream into my cup like clockwork, I look down to see Riley siting at my feet spinning in circles and wagging his tail impatiently waiting for his morning Mint flavored Denta Stick. Once he has received said ‘goodie’, he promptly takes it to the living-room rug, devours it, and prances back down the hall to climb under the covers and go back to sleep.


While the coffee finishes brewing, I water my 4 plants, fill Riley’s food and water bowls, pop 2 OLLY women’s multivitamin gummies, along with some vitamin D, and put a pot of water on to boil for tea. I’m TERRIBLE at drinking water. Its not that I don’t like it, I love water. But for whatever reason I just don’t really ever crave it unless its really hot out or i’m running. One of the ways I’ve tried to remedy this is by drinking detox water tea. Its a recipe I found on Pinterest and i’m totally obsessed:

1 Bag Organic dandelion root tea

1 Bag Organic Peppermint tea

2 Tbs of pure Lemon Juice (or a sliced small lemon)

1Tbs Pure un-sweetened Cranberry Juice

64OZ of water

Place tea bags in boiling hot water about 10 minutes (these teas don’t get bitter). Pour into a pitcher with additional ingredients and chill or add ice if you’re on the go. The blend helps flush out toxins, water retention, and calm your digestion. I usually do this every day for 2 weeks and then off for 1 week since you’re not suppose to drink dandelion root tea for more than 2 weeks at a time because you don’t want to flush out the good stuff.


FINALLY COFFEE! I grab my cup and head to the red love seat in the bay window (its my favorite seat in the house). I love to watch the sun rise through the trees as I sip my coffee and read my daily devotional by Sara Young. I take a few moments to quiet my mind, listen to the birds chirping, pray, and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead.


I always shower the night before because its better for my curly hair and i’m a procrastinator so I would always be late if I had to shower in the mornings. On any given day It’s not uncommon to have either one full day booking, a booking plus auditions, a full day of auditions , or maybe even more than one booking in a day. Today however is a little bit different because I have a full day booking and then a flight to catch for another job the following day. Since I’m scheduled to be at today’s booking from 8-5, i’m packing my tote and backpack now so that I can head to the airport straight from set.

Go-to bag for short trips – Red & Nude Dooney & Bourke Midsize duffel (If you follow me on SnapChat you know I never travel without it.)

image4 (2)

*Always Inside

-Running shoes (Nike Pegasus 31- I’m obsessed)

-Black tights + Black sports bra (never know when you need to take digitals)

-Skin products (I love so many but mostly Clinique and SkinCeuticals)

-Macbook Air

Go to bag for Set – Red Nat & Matt Vegan Leather Backpack (Also a regular on SnapChat)

*Always Inside

-Black bandeau, Nude Bra (Backsups cuz ya never know)

-Book: The woman I wanted to be by Diane Von Furstenberg (You should read it)

-HappyPlugs Headphones in Rose Gold (I’m Obsessed with Rose Gold Everything)

-Backup charger (lifesaver)

-Makeup bag (Bobbi Brown, Mac, Maybelline)

-Hair essentials (Argan oil, brush, curls passion fruit palmaid)

-Iphone 5s (I know.. but if it ain’t broke…?)


Wardrobe!!! I put on my standard model attire:

-Black lucky brand Jeans

-White oversized Tee, or as I call them ‘Drunk Pocket Tees’  by ZSupply

-Black sports bra in the brand of the client (today its Adidas)

-Red Adidas Wedge Sneakers (another obsession, I have way too many pairs of wedge sneakers by anyone who will make them)

image7 (1)

-Black Vegan leather Jacket (XS from Express Men’s Collection)

-Gold Triangle Studs

-Black Shades

image2 (3)

Hair!!!! I spritz it with a mix of Rusk Argan oil and water, tousle it and go. Most days I throw it in a top knot but I now the client likes it like this so makes my life easier.

Face!!! Ordinarily when i’m on set I get to just show up because there will be someone there for hair and makeup, but there are also times when I’m asked to come hair and makeup ready. Today is one of those days. Luckily, as a sports model I never really wear more than the bare minimum, or what I like to call the “no makeup, makeup”. I’ve come to master the no makeup face in about 10 minutes

-Bobbi Brown water base foundation

-Maybelline Peach Cream Blush

-Mac Improper copper cream shadow

-Maybelline Gel Mascara

-Clear Brow Gel

-Rosebud Salve Lips

-ELF Cucumber mist


Take Riley Potty. Give him his 2nd treat – a baby carrot (because the puppy dog eyes always get me when I’m about to head out the door)


Ordinarily if i’m not so pressed for time, I eat breakfast after my morning workout.  My staples usually consists of 2 slices of mini toast (San Juan Multi grain) with 2 poached free range eggs sprinkled with seasoning salt . Or brown sugar Oatmeal with walnuts, craisins, and a splash of 1% Organic Lactose Free Milk. But today since i’m on the run I grab a green apple, some sliced strawberries and my detox water.


In the car I go!


Arrive at Set Location


Meet with client, get dressed into my look for the day and hang out with the other models in the waiting area. Today I’m an ‘on body’ model for presentations to buyers showing the upcoming looks for future seasons. Definitely the easiest version of “sports modeling” that I do. There’s a lot of down time in between presentations so I rotate between checking emails, updating social media, reading, and just hanging out.


Lunch! Turkey Sandwich on Wheat with another apple.


We get released from the presentations early which is perfect because I just received an email from my agent in LA requesting that I send over a video audition ASAP.


2nd coffee! Stop into Peets’ of course for a 12oz iced triple Vanilla Americano with a splash of cream.


Stop into the agency to film my audition so that we can shoot it off to the client in LA.


Head to the Gym. Ordinarily when I have days off or don’t have to work until later in the day I try to workout before 10 AM because it jump starts my body and metabolism.  Also, because then I can just get it over with and don’t have to stress about trying to find the time later in the day or feeling bad about myself because it just didn’t happen.

My workouts are based heavily on my mood. I try to listen to my body and figure out what I need mentally. On any given day my workouts consist of: Hot Yoga, Running, Sprint workouts at the track, Plyometrics, Weight circuits, or Spinning.

Today because i’m pressed for time, and have been running a lot the past few days,I decide on a quick weight circuit.

Warmup: 5 min bike

Squats: 10/8/6/4/2 @125

*Between squat sets:


Dead lifts

Calf Raises



Cooldown: stretch/Hydrate


Weight training always makes me more hungry than cardio. 2nd lunch it is! I generally eat every 3-4 hours whether its a snack or small meal. Today I experimented with 4 spears of romaine lettuce, spread them with Organic Garlic Hummus, Tuna (mixed with sweet relish and trader joe’s Mustard Aioli), and carrot – AMAZING!!! – aaaaand detox water

Take Riley Potty




Relax, Play with Riley and respond to emails


Head to the Airport


Browse Powell’s books (I always stop here when I’m at the airport – Its where I buy most of my books because I tend to read the most when I’m flying).

Dinner at the airport: Grilled chicken walnut salad


Wheels UP!


Arrive at Oakland Airport

Grab my Uber to the Hotel

Prep for Tomorrow

Read a little bit of my new book, have a cup of tea (I ALWAYS travel with tea, Chamomile -honey-lavender for sleep and Peppermint for tummy aches.

11:00PM Time for Lights out – sleeping mask on – Whisper a mental thank you – Grateful for the opportunity to have such an amazing roller coaster of a career. Quiet my mind…Goodnight Moon