24 Hours With Reed I.


Alarm goes off and I hear the character Sanka from the movie Cool Runnings say “Rise and shine, it’s butt whipping time.” I roll out of bed and head for my bobsled but get redirected to the place where I think of my greatest ideas and inventions, the bathroom. I look in the mirror and I see “pride, power, and a badass mother that don’t take no crap from nobody.” Two Cool Runnings quotes already this morning, today is going to be a good day.


I have a lot on the schedule today; I go through my mental checklist of what is on the agenda. Workout 7:30am, audition at 12:30pm, training a client at 2:00pm, acting class rehearsal at 5:00pm, acting class at 7:00pm.


I’m in my car headed to the gym searching the LA radio stations for a good song that I will share with the other human beings staring at a red light. I’m singing “Sorry” by Justin Bieber (no shame) I see the person next to me look at me with a weird face, I continue to sing and drive as the light turns green.


I’m at the gym in West Hollywood warming up on the row machine for 500m. During the warm-up I am prepping myself for today’s insane 6 round circuit workout that I know will end with me lying on the floor wondering why there is no air in my lungs.



My prediction was correct; I’m dead tired.


I am back in my car drinking a protein shake and hoping for a record label executive to hear my version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I’m sorry momma.


I am in the kitchen making my famous old fashioned oatmeal mixed with almond butter, coconut oil, flax seed, chia seeds, raw honey, and topped with raw almonds. I like food and it likes me so I continue to eat an apple, a pepper, and an avocado. I think I am full although I know I will be eating again within the hour.


I’m eating again, I yell “it’s clemenTIME.” I laugh at my own joke; no one is around to hear the masterpiece one liner.


I am searching through my closet and picking out the perfect outfit for my commercial audition at 12:30 this afternoon for the role of “bearded guy.” The one thing I know I’m for sure going to wear is my lucky green underwear. Alien neon green, I pick one of the three pairs I have.


SHOWER TIME!! I am putting on the show of a lifetime singing “Ain’t To Proud To Beg” by the Temptations and move into my karaoke favorite “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan as I shampoo and condition my mountain man beard. The Grammy goes to…


What do you know, back in the car headed towards the casting office for my audition thinking of what they could possibly ask me to do. There are no sides, they want a guy with a beard and I have exactly that. How many redheaded bearded guys can be in LA?


Always 30 minutes early to the audition, I don’t want to be TOO early so I sit in my car and check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ESPN, send a Snapchat selfie (once again, no shame)



I feed the meter for an hour because I get paranoid that this audition could run long and I will get a ticket.


I sign in and I sit down checking out my bearded competition. I’m the only redhead. YES!


I’m in the audition room, I slate, do four takes of non dialogue reactions, and I’m out. CRUSHED IT!


I’m back at my car looking at the parking meter with 40 minutes left to spare. I think to myself that I am giving back to the times I have found 40 minutes on a meter and was excited as Christmas morning.


I am at my favorite health food spot Mean Greens loading up a salad with everything you could imagine on it. They have free apples as you walk out the door. This makes me happy.



I am back at the gym but this time I am pushing someone else to complete the insane 6 round circuit that I did this morning. It is so much easier to be on this side of the workout.


My client is done with the workout and is drenched in sweat. I am glad that he is as tired as I was.


Back in my car again for the 6th time today. Nothing good is on the radio, “Is it too late now to say sorry…” damn you Justin Beiber.


My scene partner and I are going over our lines for the scene from “The Notebook” that we are going to put up tonight in acting class. It’s a fight scene so we are yelling at each other in my car. People probably think we are crazy.


Get to the Macha Theater in West Hollywood for Advanced Scene Study class with Richard Lawson. I go over my lines again in my head.


We are the first scene up tonight so we are backstage doing our last minute preparations before we hit the stage. I’m excited but also nervous so I do some pushups to get some of the nerves out of my system. I remember that I still have on my lucky green underwear. I’m unstoppable.


SHOWTIME!!! I tell my scene partner to “break a leg” and she tells me the same. I think that I am for sure going to forget all of the lines I have worked so hard to remember. Well, here goes nothing.


The scene is done and we rocked it! We are getting nothing but positive feedback from our teacher and our classmates. I give my scene partner a big hug and I am so proud of her and of us. I take a minute to enjoy the moment and realize that all of my hard work is paying off and how blessed I am to be in this amazing community at Richard Lawson Studios.


Now I am in the audience watching my classmates put up fantastic scenes. I listen to what my teacher has to say about their work and take notes. I truly believe that you can learn just as much from watching a scene in class than being on stage.


Class is done and it was amazing! All the scenes that went up were incredible and I have pages of great notes to reference for my next scene. I’m motivated to get my bearded mug on the TV and big screen.   1016616-51


It’s time to celebrate the awesome day that I had with friends from my acting class so we go get frozen yogurt. I treat myself to a mix of cake batter and chocolate with toppings galore of cookie dough, brownie bites, and Reeses. I celebrate all of my accomplishments no matter how small they are. I believe if you don’t learn to enjoy where you are now, you won’t enjoy where you are when you are a star.


I am in bed on my phone checking out social media and recapping the day that just happened. I debate if I should watch an episode of Game of Thrones.  I really should get some sleep.


I am now asleep after an epic episode of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow is a badass and I look like a Wildling, I need to be on that show.

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