24 Hours with Sarah Crowley!

8:45 AM

Its morning time! Rise and Shine! I open my eyes to sunlight shining through my window. I look over and see my cat, Micha cuddling next to me. I get up and drink some room temperature alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water, or room temperature water with lemon in the morning is a great way to wake up your immune system!

9:00 AM

I go outside my complex and sit on the grass with my yoga mat to start my morning kundalini yoga! I use a guided meditation from youtube. Kundalini yoga is a great way to ground yourself as you start your day. It has amazing overall benefits that activates your glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, circulates new oxygenated blood to the brain and through the body, purifies the blood stream, helps clear your mind, and gives you overall long lasting health benefits!


9:30 AM

I finish my kundalini yoga and I feel amazing!! like popeye every time he eats spinach! lol I go back inside and my body is awake and ready to be fed! I pull out ingredients to make my morning smoothie. Today I am going to make my smoothie by using fresh organic blueberries and rasberries I got from farmers market. I always try to use fresh, local, and organic produce as much as I can. I pull out my magic bullet as I get my ingredients. I use my original flavor Vega protein, with raw cacao powder by essential living foods, some raw and vegan fruit berry powder by Warrior Force, wonderfruit Acai by Amazon Planet, and one of my favorite milks, hemp milk! I blend everything together in the magic bullet and I am ready to drink! YUMMY! now I am going to get ready to go to yoga!!

10:15 AM

I arrive to Core Power Yoga in Hollywood. I have brought my essentials! my yoga mat, towel, water, my diffuser, and my essential oil to have with me during class. My choice of oil today is a blend called Wild Orange by Doterra. Its an invigorating blend. Today I am doing the sculpt class. Literally one of my favorite classes! Its heat, yoga, and weights. For my weights, I am using 5 lbs, and 8 lbs. Now, these weights to some may seem light, but when you are multi-tasking by being in a heated room while in a yoga pose, and are doing multiple reps with the weights all at the same time, it can get intense pretty quickly. Wish me luck!!

11:30 AM

Phew!! I made it through the class alive! the class today focused on arms and thighs. Kicked my butt!! and I loved every minute of it! Now its time to get some protein! I grab my stuff and walk down to one of my favorite smoothie places called Qwench. They have really good flavors of fresh raw juice and different smoothies. Today I am getting an acai bowl with added vegan protein powder sprinkled on top. I always love trying all the different options on the menu! The acai bowl is delicious! exactly what I needed! Now time to go home and get ready for my castings!

12:00 PM

I get home and I am ready to shower! I lay my clothes out for my castings. I have 2 castings today. Luckily the wardrobe is the same for both of them. Simple, and casual with natural hair and makeup. One is for a commercial, and the 2nd one is for a print job. Before I hop in the shower, I turn on a motivational talk on my laptop to listen to as I get ready. This is a daily routine and ritual I started doing this year. I get to listen to something that inspires me and sets me in the right mindset, and attitude for the rest of my day, and my castings. Today, I am listening to my all time favorite motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer from youtube. The talk is on, The Awakened Life. As I listen to his words while getting ready, I am so inspired!! I finish my shower, get dressed, finish my hair and makeup and am ready to head off to my castings. I am still a little full from my acai bowl so I grab my alkaline water, and a peanut butter macrobar to take with me. Castings, here I go! Wish me luck!


3:30 PM

I just finished with my castings and am starving! I am meeting one of my photographer friends for a late brunch at a great place called Greenleaf. I order a raw fresh green juice, and a spaghetti squash marinara, kale salad, with turkey meatballs. It is one of my favorite things to order from Greenleaf! Oh,and of course I cant forget dessert! their vegan brownie!! Me and my friend share some sweet potato fries that come with avocado dipping. So yummy! We discuss a lifestyle shoot concept we have been wanting to do for awhile. Its amazing having friends that share your same passions for work and love what they do.

5:00 PM

My friend and I finish at Greenleaf and say goodbye. We have decided to shoot this weekend. I cannot wait for it! I am not too far from Greenleaf so I put in my headphones and walk home. As I walk home I finish listening to Dr, Wayne Dyer from earlier then I decide to listen to some music. I am going to a concert tonight. Gladys Knight at the Hollywood Bowl! so to prep myself for the night, I listen to some 60’s oldies and classics! (Midnight Train to Georgia~!!)

5:45 PM

I get home and I check my email. I have some emails I need to respond to. Its always important to check your email throughout the day because you never know what may come up for work. As I finish with my emails, i look at my phone and its 6:30 pm. Time to get ready for the concert! I put on some jeans, my sneakers, and a light jacket. My friend gets to my place and we order an uber and off we go!

7:00 PM

We arrive at the Hollywood Bowl to meet up with our other group of friends. My friends have box seats for us. We set up dinner. Dinner is a combination of different salads, meats, mediterranean food, and wine. The food is amazing! Good job to my friends that picked out all the yummy selections! Cheers!

The concert starts. Gladys Knight is spectacular!! She sings a lot of hits from different artists. She even brought some of her grand kids out on stage for us! She is fabulous and I don’t want the concert to end!

11:30 PM

The concert ends and its time to go home. Of course there is traffic and it takes a min to get home but the concert was amazing and the day has finally come to end. I get home and now its time for bed. I am booked for a job tomorrow so I get my things ready. I always take my mophie phone charger with me when I go on jobs so I plug that into the wall as I start to make my bedtime tea. Tonight I am using Lavender and Chamomile tea by Traditional Medicines. I always love to go to bed with a nice cup of warm tea with some raw local honey to add into it. Its a great way to relax your body for better sleep and raw local honey helps break down fat while you sleep and also helps reduce getting seasonal allergies.

12:30 AM

What a day it has been! I am so grateful for this day and what it had to offer. I am grateful to have everything I have with people around me that care and share the same passions. I am excited to see what the day holds for tomorrow!! Goodnight All!! Zzzz~~…….