24 Hours with Sloan B.

24 Hours with Sloan B.

3:30am: RISE AND SHINE! HA! Just kidding… Unless I’ve got a 6am call in Malibu I value my rest.  Ample sleep is essential for physical and mental health. So, 3:30am, I’m still catchin’ some Z’s…

7-7:30am: That’s more like it! No alarm needed, my circadian rhythm and internal clock wake me up on the dot every morning. Plus, I HATE ALARMS! 4 years at University as a student-athlete with an alarm daily for class, practice, travel, games… I never slept in!  So, now I avoid alarms as much as possible, it makes waking a much more pleasant experience.

7:30am: My dad always stresses the importance of making one’s bed each morning, that way no matter what happens, you know you’ve accomplished at least one goal.  I’m all about goals, so first things first: Bed made. Change into the go-to: ratty running shorts, comfy sports bra and a cut-up tank. To the kitchen to chug my morning glass of hot water, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. Been drinking this concoction for years, the health benefits are endless: aids in digestion, amps up energy, great for the skin, etc.

8am: Wash face (First-Aid Beauty Face Cleanser), eye cream + moisturizer (Sephora), ponytail. Keep it simple. Prep breakfast before taking off for yoga. I have several go-to’s when it comes to breakfast, this morning is one of my favs (actually they’re all my favorites… I LOVE FOOD) Greek yogurt, almonds, mango, banana, strawberries, almond milk, honey and cinnamon.

8:40am: Me and my roommate are out the door to yoga. Oh, I didn’t mention my roommate? She also happens to be my best friend, mentor, guru, and…MUM! The great Kathy B, you guys may recognize her, she’s a model + actress with SLU too! I could go on and on about mum, but I’ll keep it short. She’s been in the industry since she was my age, and I go to her FOR EVERYTHING! I’m so blessed to have her as my best friend. My family is my everything, I’m very close to my dad and older bro as well.


9:15: Hot vinyasa flow yoga at Core Power. I practice 4x a week, it’s the perfect way to start the day.

10:30am: Sufficiently sweat soaked, back home for a latte and breakfast. I chow down, check emails and see if any of my recent shoots have released. SICK! Images/video I did for SKLZ as a softball player have popped! Up it goes on my profile, and an email to the agency telling them the good news. Done and done, now time to study for my fitness certification. Along with modeling/acting I’m working towards becoming a trainer. Ultimately, my dream is to become a sports analyst, working for the likes of ESPN or Fox Sports. I hope my experiences will both teach me how to work in front of the camera and allow me to build relationships with people who can connect me to the sports broadcasting world.

11:30am: RUN! Depending on the day I either run 10.5 outdoors or at my gym followed by weight training.  I average 10.5-11 miles daily. I ADORE running. The mental and physical cleanse is like nothing else. Today’s simple, BEACH run! I have an epic route along the strand: Redondo to Manhattan and back. 10.5 later I’m back home and into the shower, gotta get ready for my NIKE SHOOT!

1pm: Showered, moisturized, and clean-faced (there’s a MUA on set, so no need to stress about make-up!) I snag the bag I packed last night and back out the door.

1:30pm: Living at the beach is totally worth it, HOWEVER I always give myself at least an hour to get anywhere…and I need gas, I always need gas. 20 bucks later- Sepulveda to the 110 to the 91 to the 710 (fellow LA drivers, you know what I mean)

2:30pm: Arrive on set! This is a print job for Nike, shooting in East LA and I’ve been cast as a runner. I play a lot of sports, so it’s always fun to go from working as a baseball/softball player to swimmer to surfer to runner. I pride myself on performing at a high level for each and every sport I’m asked to do, that’s why I continue to train like I did when I was a collegiate athlete…H+M today are simple, no need to be fancy when I’m bustin’ my butt sprinting hills.

3:30pm: Dressed and ready to go, we wait. Phone *pings*, the familiar (410) number pops up, I do a little dance, knowing it’s a casting! “Planet Fitness Commercial, Crossfitter. Audition tomorrow”… Sweet I can do that! “Confirm”. Yesterday I went in for a spot as a Skater, I even got to pretend to “slay” a dragon with my board after skating across the casting room. NEVER a dull moment in this industry!

3:45-7:30pm:  RUN. rest. SPRINT. rest. RUN FASTER! rest. This is my kinda shoot! Hills, flats, curves, you name it, we pounded the pavement all over the city. I can’t wait to see the finished product. This one’s a quick turn-around, production informs me they’ll pop in October!

7:30pm: THAT’S A WRAP! Covered in a mix of glycerin (fake sweat) and the real stuff, I thank everyone and head back to the South Bay. I’m POOPED!

8:30-10:30pm: Shower. Emails. Dinner. Tonight I’m lucky, Kathy B’s got it covered, all prepped and ready I run down to grill: salmon patty, grilled portabellos and zucchini, baby tomatoes with mozzarella, balsamic, garlic and multi-seed bread. We nom’ down while watching Jeopardy, it’s kinda our thing. We always finish the night with a mom-daughter competition vs Trebek. After my active day I’m craving something sweet. There’s still some vanilla bean ice-cream I made on “National Ice-cream Day”. I polish it off.

11pm: Layout workout clothes, head shot+resume, and audition attire. Yoga in the AM, then crossfit audition before I hit the gym to run/lift. Face washed, teeth brushed, I’m TOAST! I add the hair-tie from today’s shoot to my collection. Yes, collection. I’ve always loved collecting keepsakes, as a kid I’d come home pockets filled with rocks. I’ve graduated to saving all the hair-ties and bobby pins from my shoots.

11:15pm: “NIGHT MOM!”  Windows open, I fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves. Thank the universe for being so blessed and knock out, excited to do it all again tomorrow.