24 Hours with Taylor and Shane Horton!

5:30 am Shane heads to Venice. 


Before the sun has arrived, Shaneo is out the door, almond butter+banana oats in hand. He prefers to host his personal training atop the morning, so he remains captain of his days. His clients seek knowledge on food prep, proper nutrition, general fitness and boxing. He makes for a fantastic coach. 



8:00 am Taylor’s eyes begin to open. Sleep carries a lot of weight in my world and I aim to gain 7+ hours daily in order to function optimally. The nervous system is full of miraculous functions, and after studying the spine for several years I find that nothing is more important than facilitating its health. So! My first actions each day: Bed Yoga and/or seated meditation (child’s pose, spine twists or hip openers) then warm lemon water to flush the system after it has reset and prepared me for another day. 


8:20 am Shane arrives home as Chubbs, our English bulldog, and I make our way out of bed. Yoga in the backyard or living room is usually our first move. We’re blessed to have a spacious, green backyard on a quiet street so we enjoy 30 minute yoga/stretch sessions all throughout the day. Yoga in the morning is like bread+butter. Actually, it’s better. 


9:00-9:15 am Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so we’ve taken pride as a family in expanding our egg scramble varieties. Depending on seasonal vegetables or whatever the heck we find in our crisper, this staple meal always leaves us content and energized for our days. My personal fave: onions, sweet potatoes, broccoli and hemp seeds with fresh basil and tomato on top! Shaneo enjoys avocado toast on the side. Preparing the vegetables is fun alongside my brother, as he always has a new playlist to share…and sing! FIBER IN THE MORNING IS CRUCIAL! Veggies Veggies Veggies for the win. 


9:45 am Play time with Chubbaloo is always a highlight of the day. He’s constantly destroying soccer balls and rakes. A wonderful mate- loving and playful…always a pleasure sharing time with him. 


10:30 am It’s time that I prepare for an Under Armour audition, so I’m forced to search my closet high and low for the appropriate gear. It’s forbidden to arrive with a competitors name on your body, so I’m often dropping into sporting goods stores while en route to castings 😉


12:15 pm After arriving to Milk Studios and struggling to apply makeup (not my jam), I chow on some almonds and find parking. Inside, it’s intimidating to shoot in front of the client and the other hungry (no pun intended!) models, but with 45 seconds to shine and several thousand dollars on the line, I roll my shoulders back, squeeze my core in, strike a pose and smile. Hopefully they like smiles. Hopefully I fit these dang clothes well. Hopefully I’m chosen. Before you know it, “NEXT MODEL PLEASE!” 


2:00pm I arrive home to Shane reading & writing at his desk. We often exchange books and enjoy sharing notes or fun facts that we find throughout our readings. He has encouraged me to write more; be they thoughts, facts, ideas, recipes, etc. It’s important to log each day so you can acknowledge where you are on your journey. It’s amazing to look back on previous months and reflect on how your life has added up to the present moment. 


2:30pm Blend up an Herbalife shake! My fave: Pralines & Cream + Vanilla protein + 1/2 banana + coffee and water.


2:45pm Link up with friends, or not, and hit a trail! Nothing better than raw nature, sun and exercise. We love the Topanga canyon trails with views from Malibu down to Long Beach. 


4:00pm Twice a week we visit the farmers market for fresh goods. APPLES, strawberries, kale and onions are my fave takeaways. 


5:00pm Back to the kitch where Shaneo sings his lungs away…we prepare veggies and dinner. We’re big on brown rice, veggie stir frys and massaged kale salads. I don’t eat much meat, but Shane usually loves marinating his chicken all day in teriyaki sauce, olive oil and lemon. Chubba is always on the lookout for scraps. 



7:45pm  Time to enter MY zone with hot yoga (Corepower yoga) or a 60 min train with my dad, who’s a personal trainer at 360 GYM. 25 minutes of high intensity cardio and a quick core/booty circuit is my optimal session. 




9:30pm Make a fire +netflix with my loved ones. Shane watches star wars literally once a week…so i leave you all with this Yoda quote: “DO, OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY.” 


Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited has blessed us with opportunities beyond our dreams. Everyday we chose to place health atop the priority list so that we might encourage more people to lead healthy lifestyles. Peace and Love y’all.