24 Hours with Tyson N.


I always get excited for the summer in this industry. The weather is amazing, which typically means- outdoor shoots! Today is all indoor work however, so I will be itching to get outside when I have the chance.

5:30am: Parker’s up! (my 5-month-old son) I used to not be much of an early riser, but now with a baby, I don’t have much of a choice! I will say, the earlier I’m up though, the easier it is for me to get everything done during the day. After he is fed, it’s time for Dad’s first meal of the day.

My gold standard breakfast is a simple one, but always hits the spot for me. Caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, turkey, and eggs- all mixed up in a frying pan. I then toss it on 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread with a liberal application of frank’s red hot (Carbs, fats, and proteins all in one hearty meal). Eventually I come up for a breath after I scarf it down, drink 32 ounces of water and head up to shower and bring a cup of coffee along.

7am: Time to get ready to go for the day!

8:30am: I have a shoot today for Fred Meyer’s Sunday ads. It’s a short booking, but just so happens to be across town. I drop Parker off at his Grandparents and then drive out to the shoot. I show up, get a quick 15 minute hair and makeup job, get changed into the apparel, and then trot on over to the set. After a little while and one too many of my corny jokes, the producer is happy with an image. All done! Head back to the dressing room, use a makeup wipe, and then run back to my car after a round of high fives.

10:30am: Head home to make a quick lunch (my usual is veggies, a protein, and brown rice). I get a chance to relax for a moment, respond to some emails, and then get ready to head back out again!

12pm: On top of doing photo shoots for companies, I also am fortunate to be a sample size medium. This allows me to be a fit model for companies that are designing product. I’m a human mannequin of sorts. Today’s fit session is for swimwear. We have about 10 samples to try on, the idea being to keep a uniform fit across the product line. Each item will be tweaked and approved with the feedback I give and the keen eye of the product developers.

2pm: After I get done with the fitting the next booking happens to just be down the street, I’m in luck! I gobble down a Greens Plus Bar which taste great and are convenient to have in the car. This booking is for a Nike catalog. Today I’m a golfer, so I channel my inner McIlroy and get to swinging. The shoot goes great and we get some good options for the client to choose from.

5pm: It’s a wrap and off to the last stop of the day- an audition for Adidas. I arrive, fill out my audition sheet, drop off a comp card, and get prepared to do some runs. This audition is focusing on running form, but also pace. Run fast and run well. After waiting my turn to go, feel like I kicked butt and then head for home.

6pm: Home at last! I pick up my son and get excited to come home and see my wife. Today was a day full of running around town but I now need to get some actual running in! I realize that staying consistent with your body is key in this industry, so I try and do whatever I can, even if it isn’t a long gym session.

After a quick snack and some water I head across the street to the turf field that we are lucky enough to live by. Since today was so spread out, I didn’t have enough time to head to gym and weight train, so I’ll just mix in some intervals right now. Pushups, sit-ups, planks, and sprints. I’ll cap it off with a slow jog to cool down and make it home barely in time for dinner.

7pm: Parker goes down for the night and it is time for some dinner and relaxation with my wife. My wife is cooking tonight and she always makes tasty, healthy meals, so I am always excited to eat. On the menu tonight: Baked salmon, asparagus, and mashed cauliflower.

10pm: I should have been in bed an hour ago, but Netflix sucked me in once again. I’m looking at you, Trailer Park Boys! Today was a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Busy is good in our world. The more tired that I am by the end of the day, the better I know things are going.