24 Hours with Zak S.

24 Hours with Zak S.


I’m at the beach thinking, “I need to get a typical 9:00-5:00. It’s been a little slow lately.” I pull into a coffee shop on my beach cruiser. “Medium ice coffee, soy milk, and one pump of sweetener.” I grab a BLISS magazine and sit outside on the cool patio at Alta Cafe in Newport Beach, CA. My mind wonders while flip through the magazine. “I wish someone would just throw me the keys to a new Lambo and say ‘It’s yours.’ That would be so cool.” I snap of my daydream. “Wow. Yeah, I really need to get a real job!”

5:32 pm:

My phone vibrates and it’s an email from Geraldine@sluagency.com

Reads: “You’re booked! Tomorrow for ASICS at 10am. Call sheet attached” WOOHOO! Fellow coffee addicts stare at me. “Sorry everyone. Good news…Don’t need a ‘real’ job!” I hop on my bike and head home.


I head to the gym. 5 minute sauna/stretch/warm-up, 20 min walk/run followed by weights. Back day…My favorite. Halfway through my workout I see my ex-girlfriend. I leave the weight room immediately. Sauna time! The rotting smell of old feet and man sweat…Delightful.

8:02 pm:

Showered and headed to dinner at a friends place. Halibut, asparagus, sweet potatoes and a glass or 3 of wine. We have good conversation, a few inappropriate jokes, I help with the dishes and head home.


I check the call sheet and pack for tomorrow. Then I lay in bed editing and organizing photos I have taken. I enjoy being behind the camera just as much as in front. I fall asleep hands on keyboard.


DCIM100GOPRO            Zak S photography


I wake up half asleep on top of my computer. I move my computer and get under the covers to fall back to sleep.


There is a huge explosion outside my house. My mom who lives 7 hours away is at my house screaming, “We’ve got to go!” I grab my machete and hop in my 92′ Jeep Wrangler with my mom, my very old landlord, and ex-girlfriend. I pop it in four-wheel drive and mob through rocks, and wreckage. The world is up in flames, rocks are falling from the sky, and explosions are everywhere! I plow through a huge barrier fence. My ex screams as she flies out of the jeep, but I continue on. I drop my mom off at a safe house and I continue with my landlord. Soon enough, we are hit by a meteor. We are stuck upside down under some rocks. My eighty-year old landlord leans over only to kiss me with her wrinkly chapped lips. Her breath tastes of Marlboro Reds. I gag and then BOOM! I wake up. “Oh thank god.” I immediately lay back down so may fall back to sleep and see what happens in the rest of my nightmare.

7:00 am:

The sweet sounds of Sarah McLachlan flow into my ears. I roll over and turn off my alarm. I lay in bed for 10 minutes scrolling Facebook and Instagram. Cool someone tagged me in a photo advertisement at 24 Hour Fitness! They comment, “I know this guy.” I ‘like’ the comment, get up and head to the kitchen for breakfast. Oatmeal, cooked egg whites, cinnamon, and little Stevia all mixed together. That’s right, salty and sweet, carbs and protein. Yum.           24 hour fitness


I’m out the door and hop in “Hiedi” my Honda Hybrid and prepare for the 405 to LA.


I’m in traffic and singing to some Luke Bryan to distract me.

9:07 am:

More traffic. More country jams.


I arrive on set, early as always. Check in at the motor home and begin devouring the wonderful breakfast spread. There’s burritos, fresh fruit, maple bacon, croissants, etc. I grab a banana and sit down as if that is all I am going to eat. Who am I kidding? I get back up and grab a burrito, bacon and a croissant.


Jonathan Johnson with SLU shows up! “Heyoo!” We’ve worked together before. Awesome guy, and awesome model/actor.  We start chatting and catching up. Mid conversation JJ says, “Dude I didn’t know you won Fear Factor!” Others tune in.”Really? What did you have to eat?” I begin the story of how fear was not a factor for me. You can see the episode at www.vimeo.com/41210535


My hair and makeup is done. ASICS attire is on, looking sharp. I am paired up to run with a fellow SLU talent…the very beautiful, very athletic Danielle Pascente. We are in an awesome park on some beautiful trails. Time to shoot… ACTION! We take off together, immediately time our steps together. Run 30 feet, stop, then back to one. (High five) Again, action! We do that 10 more times at 3 different spots.

Danielle Pascente image for inside blog


It’s lunchtime! There’s always wonderful catering. I grab a plate and sit with my fellow talent. Nobody talks to each other, just eating, texting, graming and emails.

I got an email from Michael@sluagency.com

Reads: “You’re booked for 2 days, Saucony shoot in Vermont, the 13th and 14th this month. Send you a call sheet soon.”

“WOOHO!  Yeah!” Fellow talent and crew look at me. “Just got booked!” I love booking jobs while I’m on a job!


More running. More shooting.


I have some down time in the trailer waiting to shoot. I rest my eyes a little, check emails and snack on some chocolate covered almonds.


I run some more, a couple stretching shots, and then that’s a wrap! Pack up and before we go and the client sends us home with a new pair of ASICS!!!