90s Nostalgia with Adidas Marquee Boost

Sometimes a client nails a vibe so hard we stare at the tears for weeks thinking, damn, they got it! This is one of those times. The team behind this Adidas Marquee Boost social campaign and retail experience just blew us away! The 90s nostalgia is strong with this one. I’m sure you’ll agree…and if you’re curious who that team might be, check out Ceremony, Roundhouse and UNRUH/JONES and Forge for more. Quotes below taken from Ceremony’s social. Talent cast for this capagn were: Jett, Kobe, Axel and Kaia.

“Remember wearing 3 pairs of socks just to get the right amount of height / krinkle before taking to the court? @jettzion didn’t, but he was a good sport and in the end I think we swayed him. #trendsetters adidas Basketball Shot with our good Buds @unruhjones”  

“Did it get much better than basketball in the 90’s? We were beyond pumped to tell the story with this one. From listening to Fu-Schnickens Feat. Shaq to those ever elusive Rookie cards that are now completely worthless…we went full 90’s in telling the Marquee Boost story. Thanks to @unruhjones for re-creating our bedrooms sans the @thrashermag tear outs and Jenny McCarthy pics (Scott Only / Not Ray Ray) and a huge thank you to our amazing client @adamkoller@adidashoops for giving us the opportunity to think this one through. It launched over the weekend and by the time we’re done posting you probably won’t follow us anymore…”