Courteney Fisher – Schwinn Classic Cruiser Excersise Bike

October 9th, 2018, on the topic of Motion Capture, Sports & Fitness Talent, Sports Commercials

Directions: Watch this video below first. THEN continue reading…


Ok, so how fun is this video?! Courteney looks adorable and let’s be honest, if all exercise bikes looked like this, we would all smile like that while we worked out.

Truly this commercial was well designed, directed, and crafted. Courteney whipping her hair with the biggest smile just shows us some of the joys of working in this industry. Courteney lives her life as a fitness model and fitness has and always will be a huge part of her life. Getting to work in an industry where she gets to act, perform, and portray the lifestyle that she cares so deeply for has been a dream!

Schwinn is bringing back the retro vibes with their in-home exercise bike and we just love it! Exercise should be fun! Disliking your fitness routine is not a positive way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So why not change it up! Maybe something like a shiny red vintage Schwinn bike in your living room might do the trick!

According to American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) on, indoor cycling is incredibly beneficial for improving muscular endurance, cardiovascular health, saving your joints from heavy impact, and reducing stress! Everybody has a different way they prefer to workout. You’ll never figure yours out until you try it!

Another day, another successful job for our talent and for our clients! Excited to see what we can be a part of for the next project!