Daries Lindsay – “The Ultimate Personal Trainer” for BLEU Magazine

Daries Lindsay, Personal Trainer, Model, Fitness


Many of our talent are experts in the field of fitness, wellness, and nutrition. When our talent get written up and featured for their expertise outside of modeling, we are just as proud as any campaign they would book! Daires Lindsay is one of our lovely talent based in New York and he’s also a very well respected personal trainer! He had a chance to be interviewed and featured in BLEU Magazine.

BLUE Magazine markets themselves in the way they, “…speak to the modern and aspirational multicultural male audience by leveraging multiple verticals in fashion, music, culture and other lifestyle trends” as taken from their website.

Daries has been working for companies like Nike, Adidas, and Les Mills so far in his young career and we’re continually impressed by his work ethic as a model, personal trainer, and healthy living!


Here are the first couple questions of Daries interview to give you a taste:

Bleu Magazine: How did you get involved with fitness?

Daries Lindsay: I started getting involved with fitness around three years ago. But, I started taking it more seriously in 2016. I wanted to be a teacher but it wasn’t my true passion. I just wanted to better myself in this field. I just started digging deep within and started figuring out things that I wanted to change about myself. It was definitely the way to go because I wanted to be in shape. I wanted to inform others about being in shape. It was a plus for me and I was just locked in this field. I didn’t look back at all.

 How did you start building up your clientele?

I chose a different route, I was a personal trainer for Equinox but I wasn’t fond of the staff members. I was ready to venture out on my own and began teaching fitness at boot camps and health clubs. And that’s how I started building up my clientele. So, it’s a combination of referrals and interacting with people.