Featured Talent: Jade S.

Name: Jade Ashley S.

Currently Residing: Los Angeles, California

Favorite sports/activities/hobbies: I’d have to say my favorite activity and current obsession is yoga. Practicing yoga has taught me the importance of cultivating a relationship between my body & mind. As I overcome physical weaknesses, I also grow stronger mentally. With each small but significant step of progress, I abandon any lingering thoughts of doubt and fear. And with every practice, I consciously grow and get better, becoming more and more aware of how my body feels and what it needs. My practice is a never ending journey of awakening and self-discovery. What I love most is how it carries over into my daily life. Because of my yoga practice, I am more balanced, present, patient, and overall more appreciative of the small but meaningful blessings that life has to offer.

I also LOVE being outdoors! There’s nothing like running along the beach & letting your mind get lost in the waves, or the scary yet thrilling rush of hiking/ climbing a mountain, and finally reaching the top. I love being silly and going on adventures with friends. I love to read, sketch, paint, listen to music, take photos, travel to new places, and partake in any other form of creative expression or inspiration. Finally, I love being still, and doing something as simple as watching the sunset or staring at the luminous moon, because those are the moments that I feel the most alive and free.

Time with SLU? 6 years strong! And I couldnt be happier to have such an amazing family <3

Favorite shoot location so far: I love shooting in Colorado. From the majestic and vast mountains, to the free flowing rivers and epic trees, that place is just overflowing with so much life. Colorado has got such a great energy that you can feel, and you can sense that quality of life is really valued there. Plus, it’s not often I get to experience snow!

Accomplishments in the industry: A major accomplishment for me has been letting go of the fear & anxiety over booking jobs; accepting that I can’t book everything, but trusting that what’s meant to be will be. Another proud moment was when my mom ran into a photo of me at the mall and called me freaking out! She was telling everyone in the store “that’s my daughter!!!” Also, being on the cover of Runners World Magazine was such an aha moment for me… it was like “woah, so i guess i really am a model!”

Personal/career goals for this next year: I would love to travel internationally for a job; make it on a billboard; book a national commercial; and really establish a presence as a yogi/ yoga instructor. I would love to be a yoga brand ambassador & global yoga instructor. I just want to inspire, help, and give back to as many people as possible, and share what has been such a life changing experience for me.

Favorite power breakfast: I usually start every morning with half a grapefruit, for a great burst of energy… followed by an egg scramble with my fav seasonal veggies & a slice of multi-grain toast with coconut oil.

Repeat song on your playlist? I’m really digging Can I? by Alina Baraz // Electric Lady by Janelle Monae and Solange Knowles

Favorite words of wisdom? It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. I believe that attitude is everything. We all have the power to chose to have a positive perspective or outlook, and to make the most out of every experience and opportunity presented.