Get Fit with Danielle P!

Get Fit with Danielle P!

How do you typically warm up for a workout?

I love just a simple 5-20 minute jog (depending on how much time I have). I like to have some sweat built up before starting my actual workout. I can’t go into it cold. I am a runner though, so if I can log 2-5 miles before circuit training I definitely will.

What does a standard workout look like for you?

After my warm-up run, I’ll typically set up a few circuits I can work through. I love box jumps, burpees, body weight exercises, and anything that gets my heart rate spiked! For instance, last Friday’s workout was:

Warm up: 2 mile treadmill run (8:20 ish pace)
Circuit 1: 6 rounds (60 sec break between rounds)

-15 burpees
-12 weighted step ups each leg (on bench or block)
-16 weighted walking lunges
-20 pop squats (on block)

Circuit 2: 6 rounds (60 sec break between rounds)

-20 cross body mountain climber
-15 plank ups
-20 weighted jack knife
-50 med ball Russian twists

Cool down: 5 min treadmill walk, 10 minute full body stretch + foam roll

What are your favorite ways to wrap up a workout?

I love giving myself time to stretch and foam roll. It is where I can re-focus my energy to get on with my day.  If I leave the gym without stretching I feel like I’m in a rush! My heart rate is up, I’m likely in a hurry – so this just creates anxiety in my body. I take time to meditate and close my eyes while I go through basic stretches.

Do you have any dietary practices you would like to share?

I could go into GREAT detail about my diet, but to sum it up I would say I eat very clean about 80% of the time. I don’t count calories, I just make sure what I’m putting in my body is good for me and has nutritional value. I love protein oatmeal, and in fact that’s my breakfast staple with coffee. During the day, you are likely to find me eating tons of greens, with grilled chicken or steamed veggies, and an egg white omelet. For snacking, I always have almonds or a fresh juice with me on the go. I’m big on water intake so most people will see me walking around with my gallon full of water, haha. Water makes ALL the difference in the world when it comes to your nutrition. There are SO many benefits of drinking enough water and many people aren’t getting the appropriate daily intake. It’s tough so I totally get it. But that’s why I carry my gallon around to remind me. I have a huge sweet tooth so I’m less inclined to ever eat a really terrible meal but if you put M&M’s in front of my face, it’s on! As a trainer, I’ve kept myself pretty educated – so over the course of the last 8 years, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and what is really inside of our food.  This helps me to take a closer look at the labels and limit the over processed stuff. It can wreak havoc on your body not only physically, but mentally. People always say to me, “Oh you must not eat carbs because you are so lean.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe in a balanced diet of protein/carbs/healthy fats. I just try to stay away from a ton of processed foods.  Carbs are NOT your enemy.

Do you have any tips for beginners?

My #1 tip is just getting STARTED!  Try not to over think it. Sometimes people get overwhelmed with starting on a health/fitness journey. They tell themselves there’s no way they can possibly do it, it will take forever, I’ll never be able to run, I’ll never be able to lift weights, or look like this person/that person, ETC. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Your journey is your own, and you can start it any day you want to! Take control, and just get yourself to the gym. If you hate gyms, go for a walk. If you hate walking, ride a bike.  JUST MOVE YOUR BODY. The rest will eventually fall into place but don’t psych yourself out. 99% of my clients were
initially scared to hire a trainer or to train with me. Once they got going and logged their first session though, they realized it wasn’t that bad. You have to find something you really love to do when it comes to working out. If you are getting tired of the same training patterns, change it up. The great thing about where we are technologically speaking is that there are so many resources
online to find new workouts and so many great workout apps.

What keeps you motivated?

Waking up everyday and realizing I’m still alive.  May sound cliché, but every morning I wake up and say “I can; I will.”  These two
simple phrases when said 5-10 times are pretty powerful. It makes you actually believe that you are capable. It also makes you put life into perspective. You woke up today… CAN do anything. We all go through phases of motivation. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. Some days I don’t want to go to the gym. Some days I don’t feel like eating healthy. The most important thing about a slump is realizing it is TEMPORARY. Allow yourself to go through it, and then step out boldly ready to make it happen!

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