Get Fit with Ryan K!

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Get Fit with Ryan K! 

How do you typically warm up for a workout?

Normally I will warm up with 10 minutes of stretching to get the muscles loosened. Then I’ll do a light jog or jump ropes for a few minutes to get blood flowing before my workouts. I really like staying lean so I don’t really do too many high weighted exercises. I try and stay on the body resistance workouts or high rep low weight workouts.

What does a standard workout look like for you?

For chest I usually do 3 sets of 20 push ups on a medicine ball with my feet elevated to start. Then from there I’ll do Chest Squeeze workouts with plates: Basically taking a plate of your desired weight, hold it vertically straight out in front of you with both hands. And bring the plate close to your chest while squeezing your chest simultaneously. I’ll do 3 sets of 20 with this as well. I love bear crawls up stairs!

Here is a great full body workout, specifically for shoulders, chest, legs triceps and upper back!

  • Pull ups – 3 sets of 15
  • Box jumps – 3 sets of 20
  • Switch jump lunges -3 sets of 15 each leg
  • Battle Ropes -3 sets of 2 minute intervals

For abs I have 3 go to’s.

  • Cable pull downs: They are great because you can decrease or increase the weight depending on your tolerance. The second are
  • V -Ups: To make more difficult, hold a plate in your hand and bring it to your feet.
  • Leg raises: front and side to side to activate lats and lower abs. You can also Increases difficulty with a dumbbell  between your feet.

What are your favorite ways to wrap up a workout?

I like to end my workouts with a run, from there I love to relax in the sauna and stretch. Really completes the workout for me. It let’s me relax and the heat of the sauna is great for your muscles after your workout.

Here are some of Ryan’s tips to get you started!

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Ab workout image by Eric Wainwright