Incredible Lucy!

Multifaceted athlete and SU model Lucy Romberg tells her story for the Incredible Edible Egg Campaign. Free Runner, Martial Artist, Stunt Woman, and National Olympic Gymnast, there is no doubt she is incredible! See for yourself-watch Lucy’s video and hear her story HERE!

I’m Luci Romberg. I’m from Denver, Colorado and I’ve been into sports since I was a little girl. Be it free running, martial arts or gymnastics, I love staying active. In college I was a National Champion gymnast, and now I have the greatest job in the world: a Hollywood stunt person. In fact, you can catch me in the most recent Indiana Jones movie. My days are long and grueling so the most important meal of my day is breakfast. I eat a high-quality protein breakfast of eggs almost every morning to give me enough energy to keep me going. It’s the only meal that gives me the strength to power through my day.