‘JUMP CITY’ Premieres Tonight – Brady Romberg to Co-Host

“JUMP CITY” an exciting NEW Parkour / Free-Running competition-based reality show will air tonight on the G4 Network at 8pm ET.

The season premier kicks of in the streets of Seattle. Tune in and watch SLU’s Brady Romberg co-host along side Blair Herter. As a fellow free-runner and member of Team Tempest, Brady’s the perfect person to weigh in on the talent!

What is Parkour? The physical discipline of training to make one’s movements as quickly and efficiently as possible while going from one place to another.

What is Free-Running? Incorporates the theory of Parkour, but also throws in the flair, tricks and acrobatics used to show off a free-runner’s self expression.

Now for the very first time, 4 teams of elite urban athletes go head-to-head for 8 weeks in this high flying competition, to find one champion team.

Jump City takes Parkour back to where it all started, in the streets.

Click HERE to watch a sneak peek of the show!