Kumara to host MTV Extreme Cribs

For nearly a decade, MTV has been documenting the grandeur of celebrity homes through their Television series, MTV Cribs. Celebrities open their front doors to viewers, revealing luxurious rooms, decor, and the occasional Rolls Royce. This time around, the Cribs aren’t attracting attention for their bling and extravagance but instead for their unique architecture and sustainable qualities. Who better to host an episode of MTV Extreme Cribs than SLU’s Kumara? Her father is an artist and architect who has built a handful of unique, natural homes. Like her father, Kumara has chosen a career path that few share. As a professional snowboarder and model, Kumara’s life is as extreme as her family’s home, making her an ideal host and tour guide for MTV’s debut season of Extreme Cribs. Check out Kumara and her crazy crib on Friday, August 12th at 4:30 PM.