Meet Drisana – Athleta Model & Real Life Yogi

Article courtesy of Nadia Murdock NY Fitness Examiner

Athleta showcased their versatile clothing line to a select group of fitness writers and offered an amazing yoga class with astound yoga instructor, and SLU model Drisana Carey.  Carey has been practicing and teaching yoga for several years. I decided to interview her to get insight on the practice of yoga.

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I started guiding my roommates and friends in yoga classes while living in France in 2004, I had been practicing for 4 years and couldn’t find any classes in the area so we used my living room/bedroom to do yoga together, while I talked through the movements and postures. The following Spring of 2005 I returned to the states and took my first teacher training course in Los Angeles and started teaching at the same studio just after finishing the training I’ve been teaching at different studios around Southern California ever since.

In your opinion what are some benefits from practicing yoga?

There are many positive changes people experience during each class and even more benefits unfold after practicing yoga regularly. The more obvious ones are increased flexibility, strength, balance, improved posture, stable moods, and a reduced stress.

Many students have mentioned that they were surprised when they started sleeping better, relaxing more deeply and recognized a better sense of awareness, so less mistakes in their day to day life. The benefits are so numerous it all depends on what you really want to get out of the practice. I’ve found that when I set an intention then letting go of it while I practice surprising changes and gifts appear in my life.

What do you love most about this form of exercise?

I love the sense of connection.  Connection with what is going on in my body; what is circling around in my mind and especially the connection with my breath. Connection also with the people and the environment around me, I love practicing outside near the ocean or in the sun on a warm day and even inside the dinkiest of studios have surprised me with a warmth of energy and connection with friends and strangers that cannot be quantified but fills me with a wonderful sense that keeps me continuously inspired to practice.

What are some other ways you stay in shape?

I love just about anything active. I run a lot, play beach volleyball, Pilates, plyometrics, biking, swimming, surfing, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking. I’m usually up for whatever friends, weather and time supports.  Regular trips to the gym bore me, so I love to mix it up and use the outdoors as my gym/playground.

Lastly what do you love most about Athleta clothing?

Athleta really gets the female athlete. The clothes are functionally designed extremely well, with performance, comfort and style in mind. Its clear when you feel the clothes that the designers are female athletes themselves.  The materials are the kind that once you feel them on; you never want to take them off. I’m always on the go, being active is only part of my day and Athleta’s clothing can take you anywhere from the studio to the shops, to dinner wherever.

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