Photographer Spotlight: Eric Wainwright

Today’s photographer spotlight focuses on Eric Wainwright, another GREAT photographer here in Portland! We have been working with Eric for over a year now and he has help build some extremely successful portfolios for some of our SLU models. Check out Eric’s bio below and see some of our talent he has photographed!

“For 9 years, I have been apart of the photography industry and have many more years to go. My passion for photography began in high school, and it quickly became a career afterwards. Since then, I have successfully worked with big companies such as health supplement businesses, Panthera Labs, and the popular supplement company, known as SHREDZ. My awesome imagery (not to brag), is what keeps clients wanting more. My skill comes from my efforts at producing photos where the model is the focus of the image. I believe that complicated lighting and ill-favored backgrounds detract from the model, one of the many reasons why clients continue to work with myself. My inspiration stems from advertisements from companies such as Nike and Adidas. I channel my inspiration into the many photos that I produce for Sports and Lifestyle’s talent. And they are pretty awesome, might I add!”

We agree, Eric : )

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