Photographer Spotlight: Pete Springer

Pete Springer kicks off our photographer spotlight series. Pete has helped build portfolios for our talent and knows exactly how to capture the shots we want to see. Read below to learn more about Pete and view some of the great shots he has taken of our models!

 Meet Pete:

“I always had a camera handy on the firelines. Crew members wanted photos of themselves fighting fires (this was pre-digital and film cameras were rare on the firelines) and it wasn’t long before I was dashing around flames to create cool action photos of wildland firefighters.

During the off-season, I took some classes in photojournalism. Pretty soon I got a job at a local television news station. I always volunteered when they needed photos for anything. Several news jobs later, I was photographing events and creating multimedia content for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

I quickly learned it was more fun to photograph models than it was to photograph news events.

My approach to creating model portfolios is to make the model as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I meet with every model prior to the photo session to discuss ideas and clothing and locations. Then we do the photo session. I try to keep everything natural and unposed. I love natural smiles and I love working on location.

Every photo session is unique. You have to figure out the strengths of the model and concentrate on capturing those strengths. Some models photograph best in motion, others need more candid looks, others need to be shown exactly what you want. And though I do have a studio, I prefer to work outdoors. The wind and sun and rain all combine to create an environment that changes how a model looks and acts. There’s a certain exhilarating look you can only get on location.”

SLU Talent for Pete Springer Photography