Kenan and Raquel in Saucony Commercial

As a runner, what’s more exciting than having one of your favorite companies, Saucony, whisk you off to parts unknown to go film a commercial for their new Triumph 17 shoe release?  Pretty amazing, right? Raquel and Kenan are two of our veteran runners and they were fortunate enough to work this amazing team to produce a  final product that looks incredibly dreamy and peaceful! Take a look at the video below and see for yourself!



Q: How do you get booked on a job like this?!

A: If you’re ever thinking of becoming a fitness model, your most marketable skills are those that you do or have done at a high level. Both Raquel and Kenan here are seasoned veteran runners. Raquel is actually still competing as a pro track & field athlete. So when Saucony comes to us seeking runners for a commercial their shooting, they’re looking for REAL runners. The way we submit our runners is by providing a picture and a simple video of them running. What they’re looking for is proper form: do their arms swing front and back and not side to side, do they run on the balls of their feet and not heavy heal strike or have exaggerated pronation, do they run up tall or do their slouch over or lean excessively. These are all things they’re looking for. Pretty basic, but if you’re going to sell to runners you need to have models in your ads that LOOK LIKE RUNNERS! While running isn’t the most complicated of all activities, nothing beats practice. So, get out there and run!


Tip: Your conditioning matters

One of the big misconceptions about fitness modeling/commercials is that you’re just doing it for the camera so how hard can it be? Truth is, it’s usually VERY difficult. If you’re not in shape when they book you and then on set you can’t keep up with the photographer’s/director’s instructions, there’s a good chance they’ll release you. So while you were a high caliber NCAA runner back in the day, you need to keep up that conditioning so you have the stamina to do as many repeats, takes, drills as they need to get the shot right! Always be OVER prepared.