Ryann Torrero for NIKE

September 26th, 2018, on the topic of Sports & Fitness Talent, Sports Print, Uncategorized

Nike is always a fan favorite. We get to work with them a lot, but each time is special. Sometimes it’s the talent’s first time working with NIKE (or working at all!). Sometimes it’s a particularly cool project or cool location. But ultimately, NIKE have just been wonderful people from top to bottom and we’re excited to have our newest tear of our newbie, Ryann Torrero!

You can find this on the NIKE App right now.Ryann is trading the practice pitch for the audition circle. She has been a professional soccer player for the Chicago Red Stars but recently relocated to Los Angeles where we’re quickly picking up speed in the modeling world! Fitness modeling is going to be a natural transition. Ryann’s going to continue to work out just like she did before, only now instead of thousands of fans cheering along, she’s going to have a camera in her face!

One of the two common misconceptions about this industry is that either the talent needs to be a crazy athlete and looks don’t matter OR that looks are all that matter and the models simply fake athleticism for the camera. Crazy enough that is not the case at all. This industry requires elite athletes to have the looks and that’s what makes these talent so rare! These talent constantly get back to us after fitness jobs exclaiming how hard the job was. It’s go go go and you can’t grimace too hard (or at all) because then you’ll ruin the picture! It’s hard work and often don’t get the credit they deserve. Well, we’re here to give you the credit Ryann!

Another job in the bank and another talent crushing it for the biggest brand in the world, NIKE! Look out for more!


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