SLU helps Boost Mobile “Shuffle” into Super Bowl

On the 25th anniversary of the 1985 Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle, Boost Mobile decided to hire the original dancing and singing stars for a nostalgic remake of the iconic music video.  Sports Unlimited was hired to help coordinate the participation of the 8 NFL stars featured in the remake.

While every celebrity oriented project poses unique challenges, the scale and profile of the Super Bowl Shuffle was particularly ominous.  With less than a month to work with, SLU Consulting was tasked with proposing, contracting, and coordinating the flight/shoot schedules for the 8 (large) NFL personalities.  Despite dancing and singing prowess that remains as underwhelming as it was in ‘80’s, the 2010 version was successfully executed with the same trademark moves and bad rapping that made the original so popular.  The 30-second parody aired during the 1st quarter of the Super Bowl.