Swanson Studio 20/2 – Sports Models & Talent

{Content and Images Courtesy of Swanson Studio}

Our friends at Swanson Studio, turned to us as they set out to embark on an exciting adventure to create and capture 20 test shoots, in just 2 short months.

For those of you who do not know, a test shoot is a photo shoot that is planned around an idea. Everyone involved in the shoot trades their time and service for a portfolio piece. Photographers get to experiment with new techniques and concepts while models and stylists get to update their books with fresh imagery. Everyone wins!

As a way to celebrate this achievement and share their hard work, Swanson Studio hosted a 20/2 exhibition the last week in January. The images were TOP SECRET until they released the book and shared the images at the event…We’ve been dying to share them with you! So without further ado, enjoy!


Kalindra McFadden

Laura Coyier

Swanson Studio is kitty-corner from SLU’s PDX office and located under the tied arch of the Portland Fremont bridge. Simply step out the back door and you will find a maze of urban graphic shapes permanently suspended overhead. Marcus Swanson chose to seize the opportunity and experiment with the fleeting moments of suspension that could be created by throwing talent into the air like popcorn. Okay………. they did not actually throw them into the air, they drug a trampoline into the back parking lot and had our models sign a liability waiver.


Tim Day

Tim Day

Tyler Ashlock’s inspiration was forever circling around the idea of shooting a Football themed test. Unfortunately, they could not find the right Talent for the job. Funny enough…… We had sent Tim Day to be the second boxer in the “boxing” shoot. Tim walked in, and the Swanson team looked up in awe! They HAD to shoot Tim again! Tim is an amazing guy, an ex Cincinnati Bengals player (due to an injury) he’s skilled, and authentic, which makes him a great Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited model.


Xavier Taylor

Xavier Taylor

Valentino Lucas

xavier taylor

Sean Reynold’s idea was to capture the EPIC DUNK shot in a different way. Instead of focusing on the static “perfect moment,” Sean wanted to capture the process as a whole.

Sean captured a sequence of positions in one shot. Adding to this, Sean used ambient light and longer exposures to introduce motion trails. The motion trails served to combine each static image into one energy filled shape.


Katie Dober

Katie Dober

All of the ‘water’ themed tests took place in the studio… In a pool. One 10ft x 10ft indoor pool made out of 3/4′ plywood and 36 custom apple boxes.

The pool was then filled with 750 gallons of water (8400 pounds of downward pressure and 750 of outward pressure) and trying to keep it warm is no joke.

The studio made great efforts to make sure Katie didn’t catch cold. They began with 50 degree tap water and rotated three, 15 gallon pots of boiling water to slowly recycle the pool water. By the end of the day, and after approximately 30 pots of boiling water they were able to bring the temperature up to a whopping 94 degrees! Impressive.


Leslie Vorhees

Tyson Nead

Andrea Dittmer

Roman Tencza


Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Marcus Swanson takes some things very seriously. Especially photography. For this project he wanted to explore running so they called us, in search of serious runners. Alex Jones lives and breathes running. In High School Alex was a 5A Division Champion for 3 consecutive years. He went on to place Top 20 in the State in the 5K. Alex is currently training full time, in hopes of qualifying for the Olympic trials.


Taylor Kneuven

Matt Staib

Matt Staib

As a sports based studio, it was important for Swanson to keep a lot of their tests in the sports vein.

The shoot was to be edgy, and true to life. The location was a beautiful spot in SE Portland that resembled parts of Europe, so the talent needed to be perfect. It is important to know that when it comes to shooting sports, having the right talent is imperative. As a Sports agency we specialize in scouting talent that actually play sports! The images were shot with the Polaroid SX-70.


Tim Day

Tim Day

A huge thank you to everyone at Swanson Studio, for allowing a handful of our talent to  be a part of your 20/2 project!