Talent Feature: Meet Matthias

Matthias is a man with no fear. As a fierce skier and base jumper, he has traveled the world and documented his adventures along the way. The youtube video that follows his cliff jump off an avalanche is nearing 1.5 million views.

Here is an inside look at the man behind the ski mask.

Where are you from? Megeve, France. It is a small town in the French alps.

How old were you when you began skiing? 18 months old. My parents threw skis on me and sent me down the driveway in front of our house. I joined ski school when I was a bit older but began skiing at a very young age.

Do you participate in any sports besides skiing? I honestly play a little bit of everything! I played hockey as a boy. I also enjoy snowboarding, horseback riding, rock climbing, all mountain sports, and especially surfing. I have been surfing for 16 years and it is pure fun. I also base jump professionally and enjoy sky diving as well.

What is your favorite sport? Skiing is the most meaningful sport to me since it has shaped me into the person I am today. It kept me out of trouble as a kid! But each sport fills its purpose in my life. Some, like surfing, are purely for fun!

Sport has taken you across the world. Where is the most extreme location you have been? The most extreme location I have ski base jumped is the Matterhorn! That was unreal.

Where is the most unique location you have traveled to thanks to your sport? The most unique experience I have had is skiing in the Arctic Circle and seeing the midnight sun. There is nothing like skiing at 3 in the morning with the bright orange sun hovering above the ocean.

How long have you been modeling? I have been ski modeling for 8 years and about the same time for sportswear modeling.

What is your favorite commercial shoot to date? Base jumping with a 360 degree camera off a bridge in Idaho. The 360 degree camera provided complete 360 views of what a base jump looks like. As far as shoots I’ve done on my own, the avalanche video on youtube that has nearly 1.5 million views is my favorite so far. That was the ultimate ride as a skier. That is what you hope for, an experience like that.

Do you have any advice for someone with hopes to enter the sports modeling industry? Have everything documented because you may only be able to do it once. Also, whatever projects you are working on, have fun! When you are very driven and focused it can be easy to forget that having fun is the most important part of it all. If you’re having a good time, it will come across the best on camera.

What is your favorite pastime? Hanging out at home with my lady and cooking healthy food. Eating well is an important part of performing well, so that is important to me. Also, surfing as much as possible because its just plain fun.

What is your ultimate goal? I’m pretty much living my dream, but I hope to do even more and knock more projects off of my list. I hope to focus 100 % of my time to jumping and skiing. One of my ultimate goals is to ski base jump at 26,000 feet in the Himalayas!