Talent Profile: EJ Udo-Edoma

EJ has been represented by SLU since 2012. EJ was a standout high school athlete, made Team USA in handball, and most recently on USA Touch Rugby National Team. This is his story:

​Ebiye Jeremy “EJ” Udo-Udoma was born in Los Angeles, California. In his adolescence he moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon where he graduated from Lakeridge High School in 2010. After a standout career where he received varsity letters in wrestling, football, tennis, and track & field, EJ signed with SLU’s Portland branch as a crossover talent in January 2012. During his tenure with SLU, he has worked with companies like Nike, Adidas, New Era, Powerade, and others. His roles have included soccer athlete, parkour, and most commonly basketball.

EJ’s skill as a ball-handler won him the 2012 Harlem Globetrotters Online Talent Search: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GyNrWFrGp2Q).

Later in 2012, EJ attended a USA Team Handball tryout in Colorado Springs. Team Handball is a 7-on-7 sport that has been a part of the summer Olympics since 1972. EJ was invited to the Senior National Team Residency Program in the summer of 2013. In February of 2014, EJ played his first game with Team USA, which resulted in a Win. He continued on to compete with Team USA at summer’s Pan-American Championships in Canelones, Uruguay: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=39s&v=5oa8XKX7IVA). Two years later, EJ helped lead USA Beach Handball to a gold-medal at the Pan-American Championships in Vargas, Venezuela in April 2016. The tournament marked USA Handball’s first Pan-American Title since 1987.

EJ has since become one of most prominent faces in beach handball where his spectacular, ambidextrous style of play has made him a fan favorite as his numerous goals and assists go viral on social media.

5 years after signing his initial contract with SLU, EJ now lives in Los Angeles where he works closely with the LA Team.  In his spare time he works out with the LA Royals Touch Rugby Club. EJ was recently selected to the USA Touch Rugby National Team that will compete in the 2019 World Cup in Malaysia!

If you want to follow EJ’s journey around the world, you can follow him on Instagram @ebiyejeremy and on his Facebook Fan Page “Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma”.