What is a Fit Model?

A fit (or fitting) model is a person who is hired by an apparel manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a human, acting as a live mannequin. The role of a fit model is very important to the design process by providing feedback on the fit, movement and feel of the garment. The base patterns for each style are generally perfected on the fit model and then graded to make patterns for smaller and larger sizes in a sizing system/set.

A fit model is generally very different from a runway model, who is hired to show the garment in a fashion show. FIT models are also generally not featured in advertisements or photography. FIT models are selected based primarily on his or her body size and proportions relative to the characteristics of particular brand’s target market.

Generally the fit model is one of the smaller sizes in the size range, for example a size 8 or 10 in a Misses size for females. A good fit model can tell when the fit of the sample garment does not feel correct, even when it appears to fit well from the outside.

SLU is proud to provide the leading resource of FIT models for use in the active garment design industry – including men, women and kids of all sizes, including plus and petite.