Elizabeth Miu

height: 5'7"
bust: 34"
waist: 27½"
hip: 36"
shoe: Womens 8
dress: 2-4
hair: brown
eyes: hazel
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
bmx Jumps
bmx Flatland
bmx Racing
baseball Batting
baseball Catcher
baseball Infield
baseball Outfield
baseball Pitching
combat sports Paintball
combat sports Kick Boxing
cycling Road Cycling
cycling Track Cycling (Velodrome)
cycling Mountain Biking
cycling Cyclo-Cross
cycling Observed Trials
dance Disco
dance Hip Hop
dance Jazz
dance Modern
dance Line
dance Waltz
dance Tap
dance Swing
dance Tango
dance Pop Locking
driving 4WD
driving Dune Buggy
driving ATV
driving Glider
driving Motorcycle, Dirt Bike
driving Motorcycle, Road Bike
endurance Marathon
endurance Running
endurance Speed Walking
endurance Duathlon
endurance Triathlon/Ironman
fitness Yoga
kayaking Flatwater
kayaking Whitewater
licenses Driver License
military and tactical experience Other
miscellaneous other Jump Rope
miscellaneous other Scooter
outdoor-adventure Backpacking/Hiking
outdoor-adventure Caving
racquet Tennis
racquet Badminton
racquet Table Tennis
skateboarding Flatland
skateboarding Street/Freestyle
skateboarding Longboard
snow and ice sports Ice Skating
soccer Field Position