Hailey Hunter

height: 5'8"
bust: 32"
waist: 24"
hip: 34"
shoe: Womens 8
dress: 2
pants: 2
hair: blonde
eyes: blue
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
endurance Running
endurance Speed Walking
endurance, fitness, strength sports Cross Fit
fitness Power Walking
fitness Aerobics
fitness Spinning/Indoor Cycling
fitness Zumba
fitness Yoga
ice hockey Defense
ice hockey Goalie
inline skating Hockey
inline skating Speed Skating
inline skating Inline Skating
kayaking Sea
kayaking Flatwater
miscellaneous other Scooter
miscellaneous other Juggling
miscellaneous other Jump Rope
racquet Tennis
racquet Table Tennis
snow and ice sports Figure Ice Skating
snow and ice sports Speed Ice Skating
snow and ice sports Ice Skating
stage performance Presenting
stage performance Acting
stage performance MC'ing
strength Bodybuilding
strength Powerlifting
summer action sports Roller Skating (Quad Skates)
swimming Freestyle
swimming Backstroke
target sports Bowling
target sports Croquet
target sports Billiards/Pool
target sports Golf
track and field Relay
water sports Canoeing