Jade Smith

height: 5'9"
bust: 34½"
waist: 29½"
hip: 37"
shoe: Womens 8.5
pants: 4
hair: brown
eyes: brown
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
basketball Forward
basketball Guard
basketball Guard
basketball Guard
dance Hip Hop
endurance Running
fitness Pilates
fitness Yoga
fitness Yoga
gymnastics events - women Floor Exercise
gymnastics events - women Uneven Bars
gymnastics events - women Balance Beam
gymnastics events - women Vault
gymnastics skills Gymnastics
gymnastics skills Rhythmic Gymnastics
gymnastics skills Trampolining
martial arts Hapkido
track and field High Jump
track and field Hurdles
track and field Long Jump
track and field Middle Distance
track and field Long Distance