Richeli Murari

height: 6'2"
chest: 41"
waist: 34"
hip: 41"
suit: 41L
shoe: Mens 11
pants: 32
hair: black
eyes: blue
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
air sports Skydiving - Free Fall
animal-related Skijoring
animal-related Flying Disk Dogs
bmx Racing
bmx Street/Freestyle
baseball Outfield
baseball Batting
baseball Catcher
baseball Pitching
basketball Guard
basketball Forward
combat sports Kick Boxing
combat sports Wrestling (Greco or Freestyle)
combat sports Pro Wrestling (WWE etc.)
combat sports Paintball
combat sports Fencing
combat sports Boxing
combat sports MMA/Fight-Related (UFC, IFL, WEC etc.)
combat sports Sumo Wrestling
cycling Mountain Biking
cycling Observed Trials
cycling Unicycling
cycling Track Cycling (Velodrome)
cycling Road Cycling
cycling Cyclo-Cross
dance Capoeira
dance Salsa
dance Disco
driving Dune Buggy
driving Semi-Truck
driving Precision
driving Powerboat
driving Jet
driving Motorcycle, Dirt Bike
driving Motorcycle, Road Bike
driving Single/Twin Engine
driving Precision Driver
driving 4WD
driving Glider
driving ATV
endurance Speed Walking
endurance Duathlon
endurance Triathlon/Ironman
endurance Marathon
endurance Running
endurance Ultramarathon
endurance, fitness, strength sports Cross Fit
endurance, fitness, strength sports Personal Trainer
fitness Pilates
fitness Yoga
fitness Taibo
fitness Spinning/Indoor Cycling
fitness Power Walking
fitness Aerobics
kayaking Flatwater
kayaking Sea
kayaking Whitewater
licenses Commercial Driver License (CDL)
licenses Driver License
licenses Motorcycle License
martial arts Muay Thai
martial arts Judo
martial arts Jiu-Jit Su
martial arts Aikido
miscellaneous other Scooter
miscellaneous other Lifeguard
motor sports Sport Bike
motor sports Motocross Racing
motor sports Dune Buggy
motor sports Drag Racing
motor sports Indy Car
motor sports Rally Car
motor sports Stock Car
motor sports Sprint Car
motor sports Motorcycle Trials
motor sports Go-Kart
motor sports ATV
outdoor-adventure Backpacking/Hiking
outdoor-adventure Caving
outdoor-adventure Rappelling
outdoor-adventure Rock Climbing
outdoor-adventure Artificial Wall Climbing
outdoor-adventure Fishing (Spincasting)
outdoor-adventure Adventure Racing
outdoor-adventure Fly Fishing
racquet Squash
racquet Pickleball
racquet Table Tennis
racquet Racquetball
racquet Jai-Alai
racquet Badminton
racquet Tennis
rowing Crew
rowing Sculling
snowboarding Slopestyle/Park
snowboarding Half Pipe
snowboarding Backcountry
snowboarding Bordercross
snowboarding Slalom
soccer Field Position
soccer Goalie
softball Batting
softball Outfield
softball Pitching
softball Catcher
softball Infield
strength Bodybuilding
strength Powerlifting
strength Weight Training
summer action sports Mountainboarding
summer action sports Roller Skating (Quad Skates)
summer action sports Street Luge
summer action sports Freestyle Moto-X
summer action sports Flowboard
summer action sports Kite Landboarding
summer action sports Sandboarding
summer action sports Fixed Gear(tricks)
swimming Backstroke
swimming Freestyle
swimming Synchronized
swimming Breast Stroke
swimming Butterfly
target sports Darts
target sports Bowling
target sports Bocce Ball
target sports Disc Golf
target sports Snooker
target sports Croquet
target sports Billiards/Pool
target sports Golf
team sports Field Hockey
team sports Handball
team sports Ultimate Frisbee
team sports Volleyball - Indoor
team sports Rugby
team sports Cricket
team sports Volleyball - Beach
track and field Sprint
track and field Pole Vault
track and field Hurdles
track and field Hammer Throw
track and field Long Jump
track and field Steeple Chase
track and field Relay
track and field Marathon
track and field Javelin
track and field Heptathlon
track and field Decathlon
water sports Hydroplane Racing
water sports Free Diving
water sports Bodysurfing
water sports Whitewater Rafting
water sports Kneeboarding
water sports Riverboarding
water sports Skimboarding
water sports Wakeboarding
water sports Paddleboard/SUP
water sports Kiteboarding
water sports Bodyboarding
water sports Scuba Diving
water sports Paddleboard Yoga
water sports Barefoot Skiing
water sports Canoeing
water sports Jet Skiing
water sports Sailing/Yachting
water sports Snorkeling
water sports Water Polo
water sports Water Skiing
weapons training Skeet/Trap Shooting
weapons training Longbow
weapons training Archery