Sebastian Rocha

height: 6'2"
chest: 35"
waist: 31"
hip: 33"
shoe: Mens 11.5
suit: 40L
pants: 32
hair: brown
eyes: hazel
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
bmx Jumps
bmx Flatland
bmx Vert
basketball Guard
combat sports Paintball
combat sports Boxing
combat sports Kick Boxing
combat sports Wrestling (Greco or Freestyle)
cycling Mountain Biking
cycling Cyclo-Cross
cycling Track Cycling (Velodrome)
cycling Observed Trials
cycling Road Cycling
dance Contra Dancing
dance Disco
dance Flamenco
dance Clog
dance Hula
dance Pointe
dance Pole
dance Hip Hop
driving Dune Buggy
driving Motorcycle, Dirt Bike
driving Powerboat
driving Sailboat
driving Jet
driving Helicopter
endurance Running
endurance, fitness, strength sports Personal Trainer
fitness Yoga
football Wide Receiver
football Quarterback
gymnastics skills Trampolining
kayaking Flatwater
miscellaneous other Scooter
miscellaneous other Jump Rope
miscellaneous other Frisbee
miscellaneous other Freerunning/Parkour
motor sports ATV
outdoor-adventure Caving
outdoor-adventure Rock Climbing
outdoor-adventure Artificial Wall Climbing
outdoor-adventure Backpacking/Hiking
skateboarding Longboard
strength Weight Training
strength Bodybuilding
strength Powerlifting
stunts Stuntman/Stuntwoman
swimming Freestyle
swimming Butterfly
swimming Breast Stroke
target sports Bowling
team sports Ultimate Frisbee
team sports Dodgeball
track and field Discus
track and field Hammer Throw
track and field Middle Distance
water sports Scuba Diving
water sports Canoeing
water sports Free Diving
weapons training Crossbow
weapons training Archery