Brianne Huggins

height: 5'9"
bust: 37"
waist: 30"
hip: 40"
shoe: Womens 9.5
dress: 6
pants: 6
hair: blonde
eyes: blue
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
air sports Paragliding
basketball Guard
basketball Forward
combat sports Kick Boxing
cycling Road Cycling
dance Swing
dance Ballet
dance Tango
dance Pointe
dance Modern
dance Jazz
dance Hip Hop
dance Disco
dance Club/Freestyle
dance Ballroom
dance Salsa
diving Platform
endurance Running
endurance Speed Walking
endurance, fitness, strength sports Cross Fit
fitness Barre
fitness Zumba
fitness Aerobics
fitness Pilates
fitness Power Walking
fitness Taibo
fitness Yoga
kayaking Sea
kayaking Flatwater
miscellaneous other Referee/Umpire
miscellaneous other Jump Rope
miscellaneous other Frisbee
outdoor-adventure Rock Climbing
outdoor-adventure Backpacking/Hiking
outdoor-adventure Artificial Wall Climbing
racquet Table Tennis
racquet Racquetball
racquet Badminton
snow and ice sports Ice Skating
softball Batting
softball Pitching
softball Outfield
softball Infield
softball Catcher
strength Powerlifting
strength Weight Training
summer action sports Roller Skating (Quad Skates)
swimming Backstroke
swimming Freestyle
swimming Breast Stroke
swimming Butterfly
target sports Disc Golf
target sports Golf
target sports Bowling
target sports Darts
team sports Dodgeball
team sports Ultimate Frisbee
team sports Volleyball - Beach
track and field Relay
track and field High Jump
track and field Hurdles
track and field Long Distance
track and field Sprint
water sports Surfing
water sports Paddleboard/SUP
water sports Bodyboarding
water sports Canoeing
water sports Kneeboarding
water sports Snorkeling