McNeil Bernard

height: 6'2"
chest: 38"
waist: 32"
hip: 39"
shoe: Mens 11
suit: 39L
pants: 32
hair: brown
eyes: brown
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
bmx Flatland
bmx Racing
basketball Center
combat sports Paintball
combat sports Boxing
cycling Road Cycling
cycling Mountain Biking
dance Hip Hop
dance Modern
dance Disco
dance Club/Freestyle
diving Platform
driving ATV
driving Motorcycle, Dirt Bike
driving Motorcycle, Road Bike
driving 4WD
driving Dune Buggy
driving Precision Driver
driving Powerboat
driving Single/Twin Engine
endurance Running
endurance Speed Walking
fitness Spinning/Indoor Cycling
fitness Power Walking
football Place Kicker
kayaking Flatwater
miscellaneous other Juggling
motor sports ATV
motor sports Go-Kart
motor sports Motocross Racing
motor sports Dune Buggy
motor sports Stock Car
motor sports Sport Bike
outdoor-adventure Adventure Racing
racquet Badminton
racquet Table Tennis
skateboarding Flatland
skateboarding Longboard
skateboarding Street/Freestyle
soccer Field Position
stage performance Acting
stage performance Improv
stage performance Presenting
stage performance Stunts
strength Weight Training
stunts Driving
stunts Water
summer action sports Roller Skating (Quad Skates)
target sports Billiards/Pool
team sports Volleyball - Beach
team sports Volleyball - Indoor
track and field Sprint
track and field Long Distance
water sports Jet Skiing
water sports Free Diving
weapons training Handgun
weapons training Automatic Weapon