Benjamin Benoit

height: 6'2"
chest: 42"
waist: 32"
hip: 32"
shoe: Mens 11
suit: 42R
hair: brown
eyes: blue
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
air sports Base Jumping
air sports Bungee Jumping
baseball Infield
baseball Outfield
baseball Pitching
baseball Catcher
baseball Batting
basketball Guard
basketball Forward
basketball Center
basketball Efficient Dunker
combat sports Paintball
cycling Mountain Biking
cycling Observed Trials
cycling Road Cycling
driving Precision
endurance Marathon
endurance Running
endurance Duathlon
endurance, fitness, strength sports Personal Trainer
fitness Aerobics
fitness Yoga
football Defensive Back
football Defensive Line
football Quarterback
horse riding skills Horseback Riding - General
ice hockey Offense
ice hockey Defense
inline skating Hockey
kayaking Sea
kayaking Flatwater
martial arts Karate
miscellaneous other Frisbee
miscellaneous other Jump Rope
miscellaneous other Lifeguard
miscellaneous other Scooter
miscellaneous other Yo-Yo
miscellaneous other Stilts
motor sports ATV
motor sports Drag Racing
motor sports Dune Buggy
motor sports Go-Kart
outdoor-adventure Backpacking/Hiking
outdoor-adventure Fishing (Spincasting)
outdoor-adventure Fly Fishing
racquet Racquetball
racquet Tennis
rowing Crew
rowing Sculling
skiing Backcountry
skiing Downhill
skiing Speed
snow and ice sports Ice Skating
snow and ice sports Skiboarding
snow and ice sports Snowmobiling
snow and ice sports Speed Ice Skating
snowboarding Backcountry
snowboarding Bordercross
snowboarding Half Pipe
snowboarding Slalom
snowboarding Slopestyle/Park
soccer Field Position
soccer Goalie
strength Bodybuilding
strength Powerlifting
strength Weight Training
stunts Stuntman/Stuntwoman
summer action sports Sandboarding
swimming Backstroke
target sports Billiards/Pool
target sports Darts
target sports Disc Golf
target sports Golf
team sports Lacrosse
team sports Ultimate Frisbee
team sports Volleyball - Beach
track and field Decathlon
track and field Marathon
track and field Middle Distance
water sports Bodyboarding
water sports Bodysurfing
water sports Jet Skiing
water sports Kneeboarding
water sports Sailing/Yachting
water sports Skimboarding
water sports Snorkeling
water sports Surfing
water sports Wakeboarding
water sports Water Skiing
water sports Whitewater Rafting
water sports Windsurfing
weapons training Automatic Weapon
weapons training Handgun
weapons training Rifle