Lucas Dasilva

height: 5'7"
chest: 36"
waist: 31"
hip: 31"
shoe: Mens 9.5
suit: 40R
pants: 6
hair: black
eyes: brown
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
basketball Center
dance Capoeira
dance Club/Freestyle
endurance Marathon
endurance Running
endurance Speed Walking
endurance Ultramarathon
endurance Duathlon
endurance, fitness, strength sports Personal Trainer
endurance, fitness, strength sports Cross Fit
fitness Aerobics
fitness Yoga
fitness Zumba
football Defensive Back
football Fullback
football Place Kicker
football Quarterback
gymnastics events - men Floor Exercise
gymnastics events - men Still Rings
gymnastics events - men Parallel Bars
gymnastics events - men High Bar
gymnastics skills Gymnastics
gymnastics skills Acrobatics
gymnastics skills Trampolining
military and tactical experience Marines
miscellaneous other Freerunning/Parkour
outdoor-adventure Rock Climbing
racquet Table Tennis
skateboarding Flatland
skateboarding Street/Freestyle
skateboarding Longboard
soccer Field Position
strength Bodybuilding
strength Powerlifting
strength Weight Training
summer action sports Roller Skating (Quad Skates)
summer action sports Sandboarding
swimming Backstroke
swimming Breast Stroke
swimming Freestyle
swimming Synchronized
target sports Bowling
team sports Handball
team sports Volleyball - Beach
team sports Volleyball - Indoor
track and field Sprint
water sports Bodysurfing
water sports Kiteboarding
water sports Kneeboarding
water sports Riverboarding
water sports Scuba Diving
water sports Surfing
water sports Windsurfing
water sports Paddleboard Yoga