Alan Brockington

height: 6'3"
chest: 40"
waist: 32"
hip: 37"
shoe: Mens 13
suit: 40L
pants: 32
hair: black
eyes: brown
Category Sport/Skill Skill Level (1-3)
baseball Infield
baseball Outfield
baseball Batting
basketball Guard
basketball Forward
basketball Efficient Dunker
dance Hip Hop
endurance Running
endurance, fitness, strength sports Personal Trainer
football Defensive Back
football Quarterback
football Wide Receiver
inline skating Inline Skating
soccer Field Position
soccer Goalie
strength Powerlifting
strength Weight Training
swimming Freestyle
target sports Billiards/Pool
target sports Darts
team sports Volleyball - Beach
track and field High Jump
track and field Long Jump
track and field Sprint
track and field Triple Jump